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Archaeology of Religion in South Asia: Buddhist, Brahmanical and Jaina Religious Centres in Bihar and Bengal, c. AD 600-1200
by Birendra Nath Prasad

Rethinking Bihar and Bengal: History, Culture and Religion
by Birendra Nath Prasad

Urban Wage Earners in Seventeenth Century India: Artisans, Labourers, Service Providers and Entertainers
by Nishat Manzar

The Upper Cloth Revolt in South Travancore: Theological Interpretation of a Subaltern Movement
by Viju Wilson

The King`s Three Bodies: Essays on Kingship and Ritual
by Burkhard Schnepel

Kinship and Family among Muslims in Bengal
by Masahiko Togawa, Abhijit Dasgupta (eds.)

Wars and War-Tactics in Ancient India: With Special Reference to the Vedas, Epics, Puranas and Niti Works
by Uma Prasad Thapliyal

The Revenue Manual of Rajasthan (Seventeenth to Nineteenth Centuries)
by Jibraeil (ed.)

Settlement and Local Histories of the Early Deccan
by Aloka Parasher Sen

Ancient India in Historical Outline, 4th Revised Edition
by D.N. Jha

Descriptive List of Mutiny Papers: In the National Archives of India, Bhopal (Vol. VIII)
by Muzaffar- E Islam (ed.)

History of Indigenous Pharmaceutical Companies in Colonial Calcutta (1855-1947)
by Malika Basu

Social Aspects of Health, Medicine and Disease in the Colonial and Post-Colonial Era
by Henk Menke, Jane Buckingham, Farzana Gounder, Ashutosh Kumar and Maurits S. Hassankhan (Eds.)

The Cultural Heritage of Manipur
by S. Yaiphaba Meitei, Sarit K. Chaudhuri and M.C. Arunkumar (Eds.)

Why Should We Be Called ` Coolies ` ? : The End of Indian Indentured Labour
by Radica Mahase

Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu and South India under French Rule: From Francois Martin to Dupleix 1674-1754
by J.B.P. More



Travel Culture, Travel Writing and Bengali Women, 1870-1940
by Jayati Gupta

Invisible Labour: Support Service Workers in India`s Information Technology Industry
by Indranil Chakraborty

English Education in India, 1715-1835: Half-Caste, Missionary, and Secular Stages
by Rajesh Kochhar

What is Critical in Language Studies?: Disclosing Social Inequalities and Injustice
by Solange Maria de Barros and Danie M. de Jesus (eds.)

Predictive Analytics in Human Resource Management: A Hands-On Approach
by Shivinder Nijjer and Sahil Raj

Immigration and Integration Policy in Europe: Denmark and Sweden, 1970-2010
by Haider Abbas

Experiencing Anthropology in the Nicobar Archipelago
by Vijoy S Sahay

Deciphering India`s Services Sector Growth
by Shashanka Bhide, V.N. Balasubramanyam and K.L. Krishna (eds.)

Understanding Urbanisation in Northeast India: Issues and Challenges
by M. Amarjeet Singh and Komol Singha (eds.)

The Calcutta Kerani and the London Clerk in the Nineteenth Century: Life, Labour, Latitude
by Sumit Chakrabarti

The Archaeology of Knowledge Traditions of the Indian Ocean World
by Himanshu Prabha Ray (ed.)

Power, Presence and Space: South Asian Rituals in Archaeological Context
by Henry Albery, Jens-Uwe Hartmann and Himanshu Prabha Ray (eds.)

The Value of Comparative Federalism: The Legacy of Ronald L. Watts
by Nico Steytler, Balveer Arora and Rekha Saxena (eds.)

Contemplative Studies and Hinduism: Meditation, Devotion, Prayer and Worship
by Rita D. Sherma and Purushottama Bilimoria (eds.)

Arms in Academia: The Political Economy of the Modern UK Defence Industry
by Elliot Murphy

Partition Literature and Cinema: A Critical Introduction
by Jaydip Sarkar and Rupayan Mukherjee (Eds.)


The Modernist Papers
by Fredric Jameson

Fossil Capital: The Rise of Steam Power and the Roots of Global Warming
by Andreas Malm


China-India Relations: Cooperation and Conflict

Peasants, Famine and the State in Colonial Western India
by David Hall-Matthews

Women, Political Struggles and Gender Equality in South Asia
by Margaret Alston (Ed.)

Same-Sex Love in India: Readings from Literature and History
by Ruth Vanita and Saleem kidwai (Eds.)

`Post`-9/11 South Asian Diasporic Fiction : Uncanny Terror
by Pei-Chen Liao

Merchants, Traders, Entrepreneurs: Indian Business in the Colonial Era
by Claude Markovits

Knowledge Production, Pedagogy, and Institutions in Colonial India
by Indra Sengupta and Daud Ali (Ed.)

Islam and Healing: Loss and Recovery of an Indo-Muslim Medical Tradition, 1600-1900
by Seema Alavi


Eternal Ramayana: The Ramayana of Tulsidas
by F.S. Growse (Trans.)

Valiant Voyaging: A Short History of the British India Steam Navigation Company in the Second World War 1939-1945
by Hilary St. George Saunders

Mesmerism in India and Its Practical Application in Surgery and Medicine
by James Esdaile

Resisting Domination: Peasants, Tribals and the National Movement in Orissa 1920-50
by Biswamoy Pati

Village, Town, and Jungle Life in India
by A.C. Newcombe

Travels in Western India
by James Tod

The Provinces of Bihar and Bengal Under Shahjahan
by Khondkar Mahbubul Karim

The Aryans: A Study of Indo-European Origins
by V. Gordon Childe

The Age of the Imperial Guptas
by Late Prof. RD. Banerji

Intercourse Between India and the Western World: From the Earliest Times to the fall of Rome
by H.G. Rawlinson

Indus Civilization: Text and Context: Volume 1
by Toshiki Osada (ed.)

Akbar and the Rise of Mughul Empire
by G.B. Malleson

A Grammar of the Persian Language
by Sir William Jones

The Music of Hindostan
by A.H. Fox Strangways

The History of Jahangir
by Francis Gladwin

Milestones in Gujarati Literature
by Krishnalal M. Jhaveri



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