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Five Punjabi Centuries: Polity, Economy, Society and Culture C.1500-1990: Essays For J.S. Grewal

Colonial Discourse and Post-Colonial Theory; A Reader
by Patrick Williams and Laura Chrisman (Eds.)

Northern India in the Late Nineteenth Century: Quality of Life, Volume I, Part I (A, B & C) 1860s-1870s
by Amiya Kumar Bagchi, Arun Bandopadhyay

The Portuguese and the Socio-Cultural Changes in Kerala: 1498-1663
by James John

Syama Prasad Mookerjee: The Hindu Dissent and the Partition of Bengal, 1932-1947
by Chhanda Chatterjee

From Obscurity to Light: Women in Early Medieval Orissa (Seventh to Twelfth Centuries AD)
by Devika Rangachari

Spinning Yarns: Bengal Textile Industry in the Backdrop of John Taylor`s Report on `Dacca Cloth Production` (1801)
by Sushil Chaudhury

The Cultural Heritage of Meghalaya
by Queenbala Marak, Sarit K. Chaudhuri (Eds)

Bichitra Ramayana: A Voice from Wilderness
by Siddheswar Das (Author), Basant Kumar Tripathy (tr.)

On the Interpretation of Some Doubtful Words in the Atharvaveda and Other Essays
by Tarapada Chowdhury

An Earthly Paradise: Trade, Politics and Culture in Early Modern Bengal

Denotified Tribes of India: Discrimination, Development and Change
by Malli Gandhi, Kompalli H.S.S. Sundar

The Making of Medieval Panjab: Politics, Society and Culture c. 1000–c. 1500
by Surinder Singh

Walking with Pilgrims: The Kanwar Pilgrimage of Bihar, Jharkhand and the Terai of Nepal
by Ruma Bose

The Mahābodhi Temple at Bodhgayā: Constructing Sacred Placeness, Deconstructing the ‘Great Case’ of 1895
by Nikhil Joshi

From Mountain Fastness to Coastal Kingdoms: Hard Money and ‘Cashless’ Economies in the Medieval Bay of Bengal World
by John Deyell and Rila Mukherjee

Tracing Indo-Russian Diplomatic History
by Arun Mohanty

F.D. Ascoli: Early Revenue History of Bengal and The Fifth Report, 1812
by Ananda Bhattacharyya

City, Space and Politics in the Global South
by Bikramaditya K. Choudhary, Arun K. Singh and Diganta Das

Buddhist Monasteries of South Asia and China
by Sanjay Garg

Monetary Foundations of the Raj

The Sultanate of Delhi (1206-1526): Polity, Economy, Society and Culture
by Aniruddha Ray

Mughal Administration and the Zamindars of Bihar
by Tahir Hussain Ansari

Marriage and Divorce in India: Changing Concepts and Practices

Ranna: Gadayuddham – The Duel of the Maces
by R.V.S. Sundaram and Ammel Sharon

‘Be Clear, Kashmir will Vote for India’: Jammu & Kashmir 1947-1953 – Reporting the Contemporary Understanding of the Unreported
by Raghuvendra Tanwar

The Sikh Minority and the Partition of the Punjab 1920-1947
by Chhanda Chatterjee

The Southern Silk Route: Historical Links and Contemporary Convergences

The Rise of the Indo-Afghan Empire C. 1710-1780
by Jos J.L. Gommans

The Bihar Provincial Kisan Sabha, 1929-1942: A Study of an Indian Peasant Movement
by Walter Hauser

The Administration of Justice in Assam (1826-1874)
by Achyut Kumar Borthakur

Sikh Diaspora in Japan
by Masako Azuma

Money and Money Matters in Pre-Modern South Asia: Nicholas G. Rhodes Commemoration Volume

Understanding the Coins of Bengal: Ancient to Early Modern Period
by Md. Shariful Islam and Md. Mosharrof Hossain

The Indian Army in World War I, 1914-1918
by Major General Ian Cardozo, AVSM, SM (RETD.)

Indian Ocean: The New Frontier

Mirza Muhammad Haidar Dughlat Kurkan
by Mansura Haidar

Gallant Haryana: The First and Crucial Battlefield of AD 1857
by C.B. Singh Sheoran

Denial and Deprivation: Indian Muslims after the Sachar Committee and Rangnath Mishra Commission Reports
by Abdur Rahman

Constructing the Divine: Religion and World View of a Naga Tribe in North-East India
by G. Kanato Chophy

Indigenous Knowledge Systems: Towards a Holistic Inclusive Conservation
by Satarupa Dutta Majumder

Jains in India: Historical Essays
by Surendra Gopal

A History of Intoxication:Opium in Assam, 1800-1959
by Kawal Deep Kour

A Brief History of Poverty Alleviation in Neoliberal Times
by Anuradha Kalhan



Hindu Mahasabha in Colonial North India,1915-1930: Constructing nation and history
by Prabhu Bapu

Religion, Community & Development: Changing Contours of Politics and Policy in India
by Gurpreet Mahajan, Surinder S. Jodhka (Eds.)

Film and Literature: An Introduction and Reader (2nd Edition)
by Timothy Corrigan (Ed.)

Feminist Postcolonial Theory: A Reader
by Reina Lewis And Sara Mills (Eds.)

A Journalism Reader
by Michael Bromley and Tom O`Malley (Eds.)

Global Insights On Theatre Censorship
by Catherine O`Leary , Diego Santos Sanchez, Michael Thompson (Eds.)

History of Development Thought: A Critical Anthology
by R. Srivatsan (Ed.)

Dalit Literatures in India (Second Edition)
by Joshil K.  Abraham and Judith Misrahi-Barak (Eds.)

The Making of Modern Kashmir: Sheikh Abdullah and the Politics of the State
by Altaf Hussain Para

Karl Marx`s Grundrisse: Foundations of the Critique of Political Economy 150 Years Later
by Marcello Musto (Ed.)

The Great Indian Education Debate: Documents Relating to the Orientalist-Anglicist Controversy, 1781-1843
by Lynn Zastoupil and Martin Moir (Eds.)

Decentralization, Local Governance, and Social Wellbeing in India: Do Local Governments Matter?
by Rani D. Mullen

Party System Change in South India: Political Entrepreneurs, Patterns and Processes
by Andrew Wyatt

Agency and Knowledge in Northeast India: The Life and Landscapes of Dreams
by Michael Heneise

The Great Rebellion of 1857 in India: Exploring Transgressions, Contests and Diversities
by Biswamoy Pati (Ed.)

The Practice of Diplomacy: Its Evolution, Theory and Administration (Second Edition)
by Keith Hamilton and Richard Langhorne

Urban Planning in the Third World: The Chandigarh Experience
by Madhu Sarin

Colonial Discourse and Post-Colonial Theory; A Reader
by Patrick Williams and Laura Chrisman (Eds.)

Colonial Discourse and Post-Colonial Theory; A Reader
by Patrick Williams and Laura Chrisman (Eds.)

Inclusive Leadership: Perspectives from Tradition and Modernity
by Swami Bodhananda, Tilak Agerwala and Sangeetha Menon (Eds.)

The Crafts and Capitalism: Handloom Weaving Industry in Colonial India
by Tirthankar Roy

Geopolitics, Democracy and Peace in the 21st Century (Second Edition)
by Balmiki Prasad Singh

Electoral Politics in Punjab: Factors and Phases
by Ashutosh Kumar

In Search of Indian English: History, Politics and Indigenisation
by Ranjan Kumar Auddy

The Labyrinth of Mind and World: Beyond Internalism-Externalism
by Sanjit Chakraborty

The Royal Indian Navy: Trajectories, Transformations and the Transfer of Power
by Kalesh Mohanan

Open and Distance Learning in Secondary School Education in India: Potentials and Limitations
by Jyotsna Jha, Neha Ghatak, Puja Minni, Shobhita Rajagopal, Shreekanth Mahendiran

Albert Camus: The Unheroic Hero of Our Time
by Ramin Jahanbegloo

Gandhi and the Contemporary World
by Sanjeev Kumar (Ed.)

Kautilya`s Arthashastra: Philosophy of Strategy
by Medha Bisht

Folk Theatres of North India: Contestation, Amalgamation and Transference
by Karan Singh

Change and Mobility in Contemporary India: Thinking M. N. Srinivas Today
by Sobin George, Manohar Yadav, Anand Inbanathan (eds)

Arjuna-Odysseus: Shared Heritage in Indian and Greek Epic
by N. J. Allen

A Fragmented Feminism: The Life and Letters of Anandibai Joshee
by Meera Kosambi (Author), Ram Ramaswamy, Madhavi Kolhatkar, Aban Mukherji (eds)

Graphic Narratives and the Mythological Imagination in India
by Roma Chatterji

India and Myanmar Borderlands: Ethnicity, Security and Connectivity
by Pahi Saikia, Anasua Basu Ray Chaudhury (Eds)

India`s Scheduled Areas: Untangling Governance, Law and Politics
by Varsha Bhagat-Ganguly, Sujit Kumar (eds)

Gandhi: An Impossible Possibility (Second Edition)
by Sudhir Chandra

Big Data: A Beginner`s Introduction
by Saswat Sarangi, Pankaj Sharma (Eds)

Media and Nation Building in Twentieth-Century India: Life and Times of Ramananda Chatterjee
by Kalyan Chatterjee

Canned Heat: Ethics and Politics of Global Climate Change
by Marcello Di Paola, Gianfranco Pellegrino (Eds)

Performing Identities: Celebrating Indigeneity in the Arts
by G. N. Devy, Geoffrey V. Davis, K.K. Chakravarty (Eds)

Resettling Displaced People: Policy and Practice in India
by Hari Mohan Mathur (Ed.)

Gandhi`s Emissary
by Sudhir Ghosh

In So Many Words: Women`s Life Experiences from Western and Eastern India
by Aparna Basu, Malavika Karlekar (Eds)

An Autobiography or the Story of My Experiments with Truth: A Table of Concordance
by Tridip Suhrub

Economics of the International Financial System
by Sukumar Nandi

The Lesser-Known World of Mughal Emperor Jahangir
by Som Prakash Verma

Spaces and Places in Western India: Formations and Delineations
by Bina Sengar, Laurie Hovell McMillin (eds)

English Language in India: A Dichotomy Between Economic Growth and Inclusive Growth
by Jaskiran Bedi

New Futures For South Asia: Commerce and Connectivity
by Adluri Subramanyam Raju

India`s Social Sector and SDGs: Problems and Prospects
by Rangachar Govinda, Poornima M. (eds)

Beyond Macaulay: Education in India, 1780-1860
by Parimala. V. Rao

Democratic Transition in Bhutan: Political Contests as Moral Battles
by Sonam Kinga

Negotiating Identity and Religion: Young Adults in Inter-religious Families
by Toolika Wadhwa

European Adventurers in North India 1750-1803
by Uma Shanker Pandey

Transformative Law and Public Policy
by Sony Pellissery, Babu Mathew, Avinash Govindjee and Arvind Narrain (eds)

Women Speak Nation: Gender, Culture, and Politics
by Panchali Ray (Ed.)

The Constructions of the East in Western Travel Narratives, 1200 CE to 1800 CE
by Radhika Seshan

Field Instruction in Social Work Education: The Indian Experience
by Roshni Nair, Srilatha Juvva, Vimla V. Nadkarni (Eds)

Research Methodology for Social Sciences
by Rajat Acharyya, Nandan Bhattacharya (Eds)

Violence in South Asia: Contemporary Perspectives
by Pavan Kumar Malreddy, Anindya Sekhar Purakayastha, Birte Heidemann (Eds)

Land Law in India
by Astha Saxena

New Perspectives in Indian Science and Civilization
by Makarand R. Paranjape (ed.)

Shyam Benegal`s India: Alternative Images
by Vivek Sachdeva

Media, Nationalism and Globalization: The Telangana Movement and Indian Politics
by Sumanth Inukonda

Migration, Gender and Home Economics in Rural North India
by Dinesh K. Nauriyal, Nalin Singh Negi, Rahul K. Gairola

Agriculture Innovation Systems in Asia: Towards Inclusive Rural Development
by Lakhwinder Singh, Anita Gill (Eds)

Discourse and Psychology: An Introduction
by Saumya Sharma

Youth and Political Violence in India: A Social Psychological Account of Conflict Experiences from the Kashmir Valley
by Sramana Majumdar

The Buffalo Century: Vāñcheśvara Dīkṣita’s Mahiṣaśatakam; A Political Satire for all Centuries
by Kesavan Veluthat

Emotions, Mobilisations and South Asian Politics

Elementary Education in India: Policy Shifts, Issues and Challenges

The Legacy of M.N. Srinivas: His Contribution to Sociology and Social Anthropology in India
by A.M. Shah

Smart City in India: Urban Laboratory, Paradigm or Trajectory?
by Binti Singh, Manoj Parmar

A Philosophy of Autobiography: Body & Text
by Aakash Singh Rathore

Childhood Traumas: Narratives and Representations

Gender, Citizenship, and Identity in the Indian Blogosphere: Writing the Everyday
by Sumana Kasturi

Indigeneity and Occupational Change: The Tribes of Punjab
by Birinder Pal Singh

Gender and Violence in Historical and Contemporary Perspectives: Situating India

The World of the Banaras Weaver: A Culture in Crisis (Second Edition)
by Vasanthi Raman

The World of the Banaras Weaver: A Culture in Crisis (Second Edition)
by Vasanthi Raman

Making of India`s Northeast: Geopolitics of Borderland and Transnational Interactions
by Dilip Gogoi

Politics and Religion in India

Malaria in Colonial South Asia: Uncoupling Disease and Destitution
by Sheila Zurbrigg

Women and Domestic Violence Law in India: A Quest for Justice
by Shalu Nigam

Economic Analysis of Tort Law: The Negligence Determination
by Malabika Pal

Fighting Rommel: The British Imperial Army in North Africa during the Second World War, 1941-1943
by Kaushik Roy

Mapping India: Transitions and Transformations, 18th-19th Century

Writing Gender, Writing Nation: Women`s Fiction in Post- Independence India
by Bharti Arora

The Politics of Belonging in Contemporary India: Anxiety and Intimacy

Negotiating Cultural Identity: Landscapes in Early Medieval South Asian History (Second Edition)

Social Justice: Interdisciplinary Inquiries from India

Dawn of Democracy in the Eastern Himalayan Kingdoms: The 20th Century
by Awadhesh C. Sinha

Beyond East and West: The Story of Civilization through the Great Epics
by Suchethana Swaroop

Geography in Bangladesh: Concepts, Methods and Applications

History of Indian Philosophy

Bureaucratic Culture in Early Colonial India: District Officials, Armed Forces, and Personal Interest Under the East India Company, 1760-1830
by James Lees

The Ocean of Mirth: Reading Hasyarnava-Prahasanam of Jagadesvara Bhattacharya, A Political Satire for All Times
by Jyotirmaya Sharma

Commercialisation of Medical Care in China: Changing Landscapes
by Rama V. Baru and Madhurima Nundy

Dalit Text: Aesthetics and Politics Re-imagined
by Judith Misrahi-Barak, K. Satyanarayana, Nicole Thiara (eds)

Land and Society in Early South Asia: Eastern India 400-1250 AD
by Ryosuke Furui

Cross-Cultural Conversation: A New Way of Learning
by Anindita N. Balslev

Disability in Translation: The Indian Experience

Witnessing Partition: Memory, History, Fiction (Second Edition)
by Tarun K. Saint

Temporary Migration, Transformation and Development: Evidence from Europe and Asia

Indian Ocean Histories: The Many Worlds of Michael Naylor Pearson

Women`s Human Rights in India
by Christine Forster, Jaya Sagade

Regional Cooperation for Sustainable Food Security in South Asia

Social Welfare Policies and Programmes in South Asia

Socio-Economic Change and the Broad-Basing Process in India

Sociology Through Literature: A Study of Kaaroor`s Stories
by S. Devadas Pillai

Researching Geography: The Indian Context (Second Edition)
by Gopal Krishan, Nina Singh

Formatting Religion: Across Politics, Education, Media, and Law

The Emergency and the Indian English Novel: Memory, Culture and Politics
by Raita Merivirta

Social Media and the Islamic State: Can Public Relations Succeed Where Conventional Diplomacy Failed?
by Ella Minty

Teaching and Learning in Higher Education in India and Australia

Nationalism, Language, and Identity in India: Measures of Community
by A.P. Ashwin Kumar

Rabindranath Tagore`s Santiniketan Essays: Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy
by Medha Bhattacharyya

Afropolitanism and the Novel: De-realizing Africa
by Ashleigh Harris

Human Security in South Asia: Concept, Environment and Development

Along the Indian Highway: An Ethnography of an International Travelling Exhibition
by Cathrine Bublatzky

Water Histories of South Asia: The Materiality of liquescence

Politics, Governance and Development in Bangladesh
by Muhammad Sayadur Rahman

Dalit Feminist Theory: A Reader

Renunciation and Untouchability in India: The Notional and the Empirical in the Caste Order
by Srinivasa Ramanujam

The Entrepreneur`s Choice: Cases on Family Business in India

Employee Performance and Well-Being: Leadership, Justice, Support, and Workplace Spirituality
by Badrinarayan Shankar Pawar

Global Governance and India`s North-East: Logistics, Infrastructure and Society

Dynamics of Dissent: Theorizing Movements for Inclusive Futures

Tracing Gandhi: Satyarthi to Satyagrahi
by Samir Banerjee

Exchange Rates and Merchandise Trade in Liberalised India
by Suranjali Tandon

South Asian Sovereignty: The Conundrum of Worldly Power

Indo-Burma Frontier and the Making of the Chin Hills: Empire and Resistance
by Pum Khan Pau

Fieldwork Training in Social Work

The Bhagavad-Gita for the Modern Reader: History, Interpretations and Philosophy, (Second Edition)
by M. V. Nadkarni


Towards Openly Multilingual Policies and Practices: Assessing Minority Language Maintenance Across Europe
by Johanna Laakso, Anneli Sarhimaa, Sia Spiliopoulou Akermark and Reetta Toivanen

Exploring the Use and Impact of Travel Guidebooks
by Victoria Peel and Anders Sorensen

The Modernist Papers
by Fredric Jameson

Democracy Against Capitalism: Renewing Historical Materialism
by Ellen Meiksins Wood

India and the Responsibility to Protect
by Alan Bloomfield

The Process Matters: Engaging and Equipping People for Success
by Joel Brockner

Fossil Capital: The Rise of Steam Power and the Roots of Global Warming
by Andreas Malm


Gender, Governance and Empowerment in India
by Sreevidya Kalaramadam

Great Economic Thinkers From Antiquity to the Historical School: Translations from the Series Klassiker der Nationalokonomie
by Bertram Schefold

Nonviolence in the Mahabharata: Siva`s Summa on Rsidharma and the Gleaners of Kuruksetra
by Alf Hiltebeitel

Persian Authorship and Canonicity in Late Mughal Delhi: Building an Ark
by Prashant Keshavmurthy

A Subaltern History of the Indian Diaspora in Singapore: Gradual Disappearance of Untouchability 1872-1965
by John Solomon

China-India Relations: Cooperation and Conflict

Devotional Islam in Contemporary South Asia: Shrines, Journeys and Wanderes

Religion and Urbanism: Reconceptualising Sustainable Cities for South Asia


Five Punjabi Centuries: Polity, Economy, Society and Culture C.1500-1990: Essays For J.S. Grewal

Cultural History: Theory and History
by Anna Green

Marxism and History: Theory and History
by Matt Perry

On Geopolitics: Space, Place, and International Relations
by Harvey Starr

Toward a Sociological Theory of Information
by Harold Garfinkel

Theory after `Theory`

Political Geography: World-Economy, Nation-State and Locality (Sixth Edition)
by Colin Flint and Peter Taylor

Global Political Ecology

Water Resourcess and Development
by Clive Agnew and Philip Woodhouse

An Early Document of Indian Art: The Citralaksana of Nagnajit
by B. N. Goswamy and A. L. Dahmen- Dallapiccola

Muslims and Indian Nationalism: The Emergence of the Demand for India`s Partition 1928-1940
by Uma Kaura

Religion and Politics in Sri Lanka
by Urmila Phadnis

Urban Planning in the Third World: The Chandigarh Experience
by Madhu Sarin

Krishna`s Musicians: Musicians and Music Making in the Temples of Nathdvara, Rajasthan
by Anne-Marie Gaston

Polity and Economy of the Punjab during the Late Eighteenth Century
by Veena Sachdeva

Stories About the Partition of India Volume IV
by Alok Bhalla (ed.)

Stories About the Partition of India Volumes I-III
by Alok Bhalla (ed.)

State and Business in India: A Historical Perspective
by Dwijendra Tripathi (ed.)

The Wahhabi Movement in India
by Qeyamuddin Ahmad

Peasant Revolt in Malabar: A History of the Malabar Rebellion, 1921 by R.H. Hitchcock
by Rober L. Hardgrave, Jr.

“The Heathen in his Blindness...”: Asia, the West and the Dynamic of Religion
by S.N. Balagangadhara

The India-Pakistan Air War of 1965
by P.V.S. Jagan Mohan and Samir Chopra

King Thebaw and the Ecological Rape of Burma
by C.L. Keeton

The Historical Development of the Bhakti Movement in India: Theory and Practice
by Iwao Shima, Teiji Sakata, and Katsuyuki Ida (eds.)

Maulana Azad
by V.N. Datta

Nagapattinam to Suvarnadwipa: Reflections on the Chola Naval Expeditions to Southeast
by Hermann Kulke, K. Kesavapany and Vijay Sakhuja (eds.)

Commerce and Culture in the Bay of Bengal, 1500-1800
by Om Prakash and Denys Lombard (eds.)

Awadh under the Nawabs: Politics, Culture and Communal Relations 1722-1856
by Surendra Mohan

Mariners, Merchants and Oceans: Studies in Maritime History
by K.S. Mathew (ed)

Untouchable Saints: An Indian Penomenon
by Eleanor Zelliot & Rohini Mokashi-Punekar (eds.)

North India Between Empires: Awadh, the Mughals, and the British 1729-1801
by Richard B. Barnett

The Prelude to Empire: Plassey Revolution of 1757
by Sushil Chaudhury

A Conceptual Encyclopaedia of Guru Granth Sahib
by S.S. Kohli

The Census in British India: New Perspectives
by N. Gerald Barrier (ed.)

Social and Economic History of Early Deccan: Some Interpretations

Ports and their Hinterlands in India (1700-1950)
by Indu Banga (ed.)

Painters, Paintings and Books: An Essay on Indo-Persian Technical Literature, 12-19th
by Yves Porter

Our History, Their History: The Contrasting Historical Narratives of East and West
by G.S. Cheema

Intermediate Level Hindi: A Textbook
by Sheela Verma

Flags of Fame: Studies in South Asian Folk Culture
by Heidrun Brückner, Lothar Lutze and Aditya Malik (eds)

Encyclopaedia of Ancient Indian Culture
by N.N. Bhattacharyya (ed.)

Cultural Revolt in a Colonial Society: The Non-Brahman Movement in Western India
by Gail Omvedt

Agrarian System of the Sikhs: Late Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Century
by Indu Banga



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