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Monastic Wanderers Nath Yogi Ascetics in Modern South Asia
by Veronique Bouillier

Kavya In South India Old Tamil Cankam Poetry
by Herman Tieken

`See You in Court` Principle and Paralysis of Early British Rule, The Upper Doab, 1793-1830
by Dirk H.A. Kolff

Serving India A Political Biography of Subimal Dutt (1903-1992), India`s Longest Foreign Secretary
by Amit Das Gupta

Battleground Chhamb: The Indo-Pakistan War of 1971
by Major General (Retd.) A.J.S. Sandhu, VSM

Panther Red One - The Sequel
by Air Marshal S. Raghavendran PVSM AVSM

Mirza Muhammad Haidar Dughlat Kurkan
by Mansura Haidar

Force of Nature: Essays on History and Politics of Environment
by Sajal Nag

Remembering Komagata Maru: Official Reports and Contemporary Accounts
by Ananda Bhattacharyya

Bengal Water Craft: Boat-Building and Fishing Communities
by Lotika Varadarajan

Playing with Nature: History and Politics of Environment in North-East India
by Sajal Nag

Sikhs in Asia Pacific: Travels Among the Sikh Diaspora from Yangon to Kobe
by Swarn Singh Kahlon

Work in a Metro: Intense, Flexible, Insecure
by Anuradha Kalhan

Beleaguered Nation: The Making and Unmaking of the Assamese Nationality
by Sajal Nag

The Coins of India: The Mughal Emperors, Part VIII (M8) The Coins in the Name of Jahandar Shah Including the Pre-Accession Coinage of Azim-ush-Shan
by Mohammed Tariq Ansari and Arthur Needham

The Ascent of John Company: Form Traders to Rulers (1756-1787)
by G.S.Cheema

Nalanda Mahavihara: A Critical Analysis of the Archaeology of an India Buddhist Site
by Mary L. Stewart

Buddhist Monasteries of South Asia and China
by Sanjay Garg

Jains in India: Historical Essays
by Surendra Gopal

Jains in India: Historical Essays
by Surendra Gopal

Constructing the Divine: Religion and World View of a Naga Tribe in North-East India
by G. Kanato Chophy

Views on Hindu Dharma by M.K. Gandhi
by Neerja Arun Gupta

Coins of Shah Jahan: Creations of an Architect
by Andrew V. Liddle

Treasure Trade And Tradition Post-Kidarite Coins Of The Gangetic Plains And Punjab Foothills, 590-820 CE
by John S. Deyell

Shiraz-i-Hind A History of Jaunpur Sultanate
by Syed Ejaz Hussain

The Indian Army in World War I, 1914-1918
by Major General Ian Cardozo, AVSM, SM (RETD.)

Gallant Haryana: The First and Crucial Battlefield of AD 1857
by C.B. Singh Sheoran

Indian Ocean: The New Frontier

An Outline of the Aryan Civilization
by Ramendra Nath Nandi

Indian Ocean: The New Frontier

Shipbuilding, Navigation and the Portuguese in Pre- Modern India
by K.S. Mathew

Languages And Literary Cultures In Hyderabad
by Kousar J. Azam

Adivasi Resistance in Early Colonial India Comprising the Chuar Rebellion of 1799 by J.C.Price and Relevant Midnapore District Collectorate Records from the Eighteenth Century
by Ananda Bhattacharyya

Gandhi`s Battlefield Choice The Mahatma, The Bhagavad Gita, And World War II
by Francis G. Hutchins

Reinventing Social Democratic Development Insights from Indian and Scandinavian Comparisons

Lovers of God: Sufism and the Politics of Islam in Medieval India
by Raziuddin Aquil


The Indian Frontier: Horse and Warband in the Making of Empires
by Jos Gommans

Intellectual Roots of India`s Freedom Fight (1893-1918)
by Prithwindra Mukherjee

Nalanda Mahavihara: A Critical Analysis of the Archaeology of an Indian Buddhist Site
by Mary L. Stewart

Buddhist Monasteries of South Asia and China
by Sanjay Garg


Education and Empowerment in India: Policies and Practicies

Communities of Women in Assam: Being, Doing and Thinking Together

Afghanistan Post-2014: Power Configurations and Evolving Trajectories

India Higher Education Report 2015

Living With Religious Diversity

Politics of Migration: Indian Emigration in a Globalized World
by A Didar Singh and S. Irudaya Rajan

Troubled Testimonies: Terrorism and the English Novel in India
by Meenakshi Bharat

The Northeast Question: Conflicts and Frontiers
by Pradip Phanjoubam


Towards Openly Multilingual Policies and Practices: Assessing Minority Language Maintenance Across Europe
by Johanna Laakso, Anneli Sarhimaa, Sia Spiliopoulou Akermark and Reetta Toivanen

Fossil Capital: The Rise of Steam Power and the Roots of Global Warming
by Andreas Malm

India and the Responsibility to Protect
by Alan Bloomfield

The Modernist Papers
by Fredric Jameson

The Process Matters: Engaging and Equipping People for Success
by Joel Brockner

Exploring the Use and Impact of Travel Guidebooks
by Victoria Peel and Anders Sorensen

Democracy Against Capitalism: Renewing Historical Materialism
by Ellen Meiksins Wood


Great Economic Thinkers From Antiquity to the Historical School: Translations from the Series Klassiker der Nationalokonomie
by Bertram Schefold

Devotional Islam in Contemporary South Asia: Shrines, Journeys and Wanderes

Religion and Urbanism: Reconceptualising Sustainable Cities for South Asia

Persian Authorship and Canonicity in Late Mughal Delhi: Building an Ark
by Prashant Keshavmurthy

A Subaltern History of the Indian Diaspora in Singapore: Gradual Disappearance of Untouchability 1872-1965
by John Solomon

Gender, Governance and Empowerment in India
by Sreevidya Kalaramadam

China-India Relations: Cooperation and Conflict

Nonviolence in the Mahabharata: Siva`s Summa on Rsidharma and the Gleaners of Kuruksetra
by Alf Hiltebeitel


On Geopolitics: Space, Place, and International Relations
by Harvey Starr

Marxism and History: Theory and History
by Matt Perry

Theory after `Theory`

Political Geography: World-Economy, Nation-State and Locality (Sixth Edition)
by Colin Flint and Peter Taylor

Water Resourcess and Development
by Clive Agnew and Philip Woodhouse

Global Political Ecology

Cultural History: Theory and History
by Anna Green

Toward a Sociological Theory of Information
by Harold Garfinkel



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