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A Bibliography of Ananda Kentish Coomaraswamy
by James S. Crouch

Mirza Haidar Dughlat as Depicted in Persian Sources.
by Mansura Haidar

Boats of Bengal: Eighteenth Century Portraits by Balthazar Solvyns
by Robert Hardgrave

The Jungle Kings: Ethnohistorical Aspects of Politics and Ritual in Orissa
by Burkhard Schnepel


Maps of Mughal India: Drawn by Colonel Jean-Baptiste-Joseph Gentil, Agent for the French Government to the Court of Shuja-ud-daula at Faizabad in 1770
by Susan Gole

Ancient and Medieval Nepal
by Rishikesh Shaha

Five Punjabi Centuries: Polity, Economy, Society and Culture C.1500-1990: Essays For J.S. Grewal
by Indu Banga

Confluence of Cultures: French Contributions to Indo-Persian Studies
by Francoise `Nalini` Delvoye


Indika: Essays in Indo-French Relations 1630-1976
by Jean-Marie Lafont

Modern Nepal: A Political History 1769-1955 (2 Vols. bound in one)
by Rishikesh Shaha

Living in India`s Slums: A Case Study of Bangalore
by Hans Schenk

Ways of Dying: Death and its Meaning in South Asia
by Elisabeth Schombucher, Claus Peter Zoller


Ancient Indian Rituals and their Social Contents
by N.N. Bhattacharyya

Artisans of the Punjab: A Study of Social Change in Historical Perspective 1849-1947
by Harish C. Sharma

Patrons Devotees and Goddesses: Ritual and Power among the Tamil Fishermen of Sri Lanka
by Masakazu Tanaka

Religion and Society in Eastern India
by G.C. Tripathi and Hermann Kulke


Class, State and Struggle in Nepal: Writings 1989-1995
by Stephen Lawrence Mikesell

What is Wrong with Marxism: Vol. I: On Capitalists and State in India and Indonesia
by Olle Tornquist

What is Wrong with Marxism: Vol. II: On Peasants and Workers in India and Indonesia
by Olle Tornquist

Buddhist Ideas and Rituals in Early India and Korea
by Kuwangsu Lee


History of the Tantric Religion: A Historical, Ritualistic and Philosophical Study (2nd rev.edn.)
by N.N. Bhattacharyya

Art Experience
by M. Hiriyanna

Understanding Ganapati: Insights into the Dynamics of a Cult
by Anita Raina Thapan

Auspicious Wisdom: The Text and Traditions of Srividya Sakta Tantrism In South India
by Douglas Renfrew Brooks


Vedic Sacrifice: Challenge and Response
by Israel Selvanayagam

The State and Market in India`s Shipping: Nationalism, Globalization and Marginalization
by Baldev Raj Nayar

Solid Waste Management: Modes, Assessments, Appraisals and Linkages in Bangalore
by Isa Baud, Hans Schenk

Communication Cinema Development: From Morosity to Hope
by Gaston Roberge


Musical Instruments of North India: Eighteenth Century Portraits by Baltazard Solvyns
by Robert L. Hardgrave, Stephen M. Slawek

Vijayanagara Research Project Monograph Series: Volume I: Pots and Palaces : The Earthenware Ceramics of the Noblemen`s Quarter of Vijayanagara
by Carla M.Sinopoli

Vijayanagara Research Project Monograph Series: Volume II: The Ramachandra Temple at Vijayanagar
by Anna L. Dallapiccola, John M.Fritz, George Mitchell, Rajasekhara

Vijayanagara Research Project Monograph Series: Volume III: The Vijayanagara Courtly Style
by George Mitchell


Vijayanagara Research Project Monograph Series: Volume IV: Religious Tradition at Vijayanagara as Revealed Through its Monuments
by Anila Verghese

Vijayanagara Research Project Monograph Series: Volume V: The Irrigation and Water Supply System of Vijayanagara
by Dominic J. Davison-Jenkins

Vijayanagara Research Project Monograph Series: Volume VI: Sculpture at Vijayanagara: Iconography and Style
by Anna L. Dallapiccola, Anila Verghese

Vijayanagara Research Project Monograph Series: Volume VII: Anegondi : Architectural Ethnography of a Royal Village
by Natalie Tobert


Tribal Religion: Religious Beliefs and Practices Among the Santals
by J. Troisi

Indian Ritual and Belief: The Keys of Power
by J. Abbot

Experiencing Siva: Encounters With a Hindu Deity
by Fred W.Clothey, J. Bruce Long

Art And Society
by Gautam Sengupta



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