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Records 1 to 40 of 946

The Life and Adventures of Arminius Vambery: A Hungarian Traveller in the Middle East and Central Asia
by Arminius Vambery

The Folklore of Bombay
by R.E. Enthoven

South Indian Customs
by P.V. Jagadisa Ayyar

Buddhist India
by T. W. Rhys Davids


Diary of a Pedestrian in Cashmere and Thibet
by Captain Knight

Ajmer: Historical and Descriptive
by Diwan Bahadur Har Bilas Sarda

The Journal of John Jourdain 1608-1617: Describing His Experiences In Arabia, India, and the Malay Archipelago
by William Foster (ed.)

Tales of The Sun or Folklore of Southern India
by Kingscote and Sastri


Biographies of Words and the Home of the Aryas
by F. Max Muller

An Account of an Embassy to the Court of the Teshoo Lama in Tibet
by Samuel Turner

English Bazar in Colonial Bengal: An Urban History of Malda (1813-1947)
by Rupan Sarkar

Rethinking Bihar and Bengal: History, Culture and Religion
by Birendra Nath Prasad


Sind: A Re-Interpretation of the Unhappy Valley
by J. Abbott

Pre- Mussalman India: A History of the Motherland and Prior to the Sultanate of Delhi
by M.S. Nateson

Notes on the History and Antiquities of Chaul and Bassein
by J. Gerson Da Cunha

Four Pilgrims
by William Boulting


The Upper Cloth Revolt in South Travancore: Theological Interpretation of a Subaltern Movement
by Viju Wilson

Traditions and Customs of the Indian Armed Forces
by Major General Chand N. Das

Mandelslo`s Travels in Western India ( 1638-1639 )
by M.S. Commissariat

Life and Letters of Samuel Fisk Green M.D. of Green Hill: An American Medical Missionary in Ceylon during 1847-1873
by Ebenezer Cutler


The Revenue Manual of Rajasthan (Seventeenth to Nineteenth Centuries)
by Jibraeil (ed.)

The Route to European Hegemony: India`s Intra-Asian Trade in the Early Modern Period( Sixteenth to Eighteenth Centuries)
by Ruby Maloni

Eternal Ramayana: The Ramayana of Tulsidas
by F.S. Growse (Trans.)

Valiant Voyaging: A Short History of the British India Steam Navigation Company in the Second World War 1939-1945
by Hilary St. George Saunders


The Silappadikaram
by V.R. Ramachandra Dikshitar (Trans.)

Memoir of the Life of the Late Nana Farnavis
by A. Macdonald

Story of Cawnpore
by Capt. Mowbray Thomson

Change in Bengal Agrarian Society c. 1760-1850
by Ratnalekha Ray


Resisting Domination: Peasants, Tribals and the National Movement in Orissa 1920-50
by Biswamoy Pati

The Provinces of Bihar and Bengal Under Shahjahan
by Khondkar Mahbubul Karim

The Nayakas of Ikkeri
by K.D. Swaminathan

The Aryans: A Study of Indo-European Origins
by V. Gordon Childe


The Age of the Imperial Guptas
by Late Prof. RD. Banerji

Settlement and Local Histories of the Early Deccan
by Aloka Parasher Sen

Intercourse Between India and the Western World: From the Earliest Times to the fall of Rome
by H.G. Rawlinson

Indus Civilization: Text and Context: Volume 1
by Toshiki Osada (ed.)


Akbar and the Rise of Mughul Empire
by G.B. Malleson

The Heritage of the Sikhs
by Harbans Singh

Ancient India in Historical Outline, 4th Revised Edition
by D.N. Jha

The Kafirs of the Hindu-Kush
by Sir George Scott Robertson



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