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The Living Adventure: Nature and Biology.
by V.S. Ravi

The Dispossessed: Victims of Development in Asia
by Vinod Raina, Aditi Chowdhury, Sumit Chowdhury

Managing Distress: Possession and Therapeutic Cults in South Asia
by Marine Carrin

The Fourth World: Appraisal and Aspirations
by Radhakant Nayak


Poverty, Tribals and Development: A Rehabilitation Approach
by Anil Bhatt

Regional Security, Ethnicity and Governance: The Challenges for South Asia
by Justus Richter, Christian Wagner

Reconceptualising the Sciences and the Humanities: An Integral Approach
by S.C. Malik

Religion and Aging in the Indian Tradition
by Shrinivas Tilak


Liberalising India: Progress and Problems
by Dietmar Rothermund

Solid Waste Management: Modes, Assessments, Appraisals and Linkages in Bangalore
by Isa Baud, Hans Schenk

Poverty, Gender and Reproductive Choice: An Analysis of Linkages
by Swapna Mukhopadhyay, R. Savithri

Communication Cinema Development: From Morosity to Hope
by Gaston Roberge


Krishna`s Musicians: Musicians and Music Making in the Temples of Nathdvara, Rajasthan
by Anne-Marie Gaston

Voice to the Voiceless: The Power of People`s Theatre in India
by Jacob Srampickal

Grounds for Play: The Nautanki Theatre of North India
by Kathryn Hansen

On Shakespeare`s Dramaturgy: Word and Stage Image in the Plays
by S. Viswanathan


The Making of a Guru: Kelucharan Mohapatara: His Life and Times By Ileana Citaristi
by Ileana Citaristi

Bharata Natyam: From Temple to Theatre
by Anne-Marie Gaston

Music in India: The Classical Traditions
by Bonnie C. Wade

Research Methods in Indian Music
by Najma Perveen Ahmad


Occupational Choices, Networks, and Transfers: An Exegesis Based on Micro Data from Delhi Slums
by Arup Mitra

The Hindi Film: Agent and Re-Agent of Cultural Change
by Beatrix Pfliderer, Lothar Lutze

Search, Seizure and Survey: Issues, Clarifications and Judgements
by Ved Kumar Jain

Back to the Roots: Essays on Performing Arts of India
by Jiwan Pani


Developing Leadership by Stages: A Value Based Approach to Executive Management
by Brian Hall

Elementary Education for the Poorest and other Deprived Groups: The Real Challenge of Universalization
by Jyotsna Jha, Dhir Jhingran

Sacred Landscapes in Asia: Shared Traditions, Multiple Histories
by Himanshu Prabha Ray

The Power of Performance: Actors, Audiences and Observers of Cultural Performances in India
by Heidrun Bruckner, Elisabeth Schombucher, Philip Zarrilli


Essays on Music: Ananda K. Coomaraswamy
by Prem Lata Sharma

Tools and Ideas: The Beginnings of Local Industrialization in South Gujarat, 1970-2000
by Hein Streefkerk

Theatre in Ancient India
by Siddheswar Chattopadhyay

India`s Development: Social and Economic Disparities
by S. Mahendra Dev & K.S. Babu


Psycho-Ecological Dimensions of Poverty
by M.G. Husain

Hindustani Music: Thirteenth to Twentieth Centuries
by Joeb Bor, Francoise `Nalini` Delvoye, Jane Harvey and Emmie to Nijenhuis

Tashrih-UL-Moosiqui: Persian Translation of Tansen`s Original Work `Budh Prakash`
by Najma Perveen Ahmad

Voice to the Voiceless: The Power of People`s Theatre in India


Asia Redux: Conceptualising A Religion for Our Times
by Prasenjit Duara

Forest of Farm?: The Politics of Povery and Land Hunger in Nepal
by Krishna Ghimire

Studying India`s Musicians: Four Decades of Selected Articles
by Daniel M. Neuman

The Song of Khayal
by Nicols Magriel with Lalita Du Perron



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