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Records 41 to 80 of 334

Foundations of Indian Political Thought: An Interpretation: From Manu to the Present Day
by V.R. Mehta

What is Wrong with Marxism: Vol. I: On Capitalists and State in India and Indonesia
by Olle Tornquist

What is Wrong with Marxism: Vol. II: On Peasants and Workers in India and Indonesia
by Olle Tornquist

Secular Values for Secular India
by P.C. Chatterji


A Handbook to Elections in Uttar Pradesh
by P.D.Reeves, B.D. Graham, J.M. Goodman

History of the Tantric Religion: A Historical, Ritualistic and Philosophical Study (2nd rev.edn.)
by N.N. Bhattacharyya

Ramcaritmanas Word Index
by Winand M. Callewaert, Philip Lutgendorf

A Glossary of Indian Religious Terms and Concepts
by N.N. Bhattacharyya


Growth with Equity: The New Technology and Agrarian Change in Bengal
by Abhijit Dasgupta

Indian Textile Industry: State Policy, Liberalization and Growth
by Shuji Uchikawa

State-Local Fiscal Relations in India: Konrad Adenauer Foundation

Local Government Finances in India: Konrad Adenauer Foundation


Land Management in South Asia: A Comparative Study
by Kamal Siddiqui

Liberalising India: Progress and Problems
by Dietmar Rothermund

Development, Transformation and State Policy
by P. Terhal, J.R. De Vries

The Indian Rubber Economy: History, Analysis and Policy Perspectives
by Kees Burger, Hiddy P. Smit, R.G. Unny, V. Haridasan, Wouter Zant


Modern Poverty: The Culture of Distribution and Structural Unemployment in the Foothills of Kerala
by Peter van der Werff

Women`s Health, Public Policy and Community Action
by Swapna Mukhopadhyay

Grounds for Play: The Nautanki Theatre of North India
by Kathryn Hansen

Introduction to Bengali: Part I: A Basic Course in Spoken Bengali, With Emphasis Upon Speaking and Understanding the Language
by Edward Dimock, Somdev Bhattacharji, Suhas Chatterji


On Shakespeare`s Dramaturgy: Word and Stage Image in the Plays
by S. Viswanathan

A Primer of Telugu Characters
by Edward C. Hill

Language Versus Dialect: Linguistic and Literary Essays on Hindi, Tamil and Sarnami
by Mariola Offredi

Census of India: 1911, United Provinces of Agra and Oudh :Part I and II
by E.H.A. Blunt


Census of India: 1931, Assam Part I and II
by C.S. Mullan

Census of India: 1931, Central Provinces and Berar Part I and II
by W.H. Shoobert

Census of India: 1931, Rajputana Agency
by B.L. Cole

Census of India: 1931, United Provinces of Agra and Oudh : Part I and II
by A.C. Turner


Imperial Gazetteer of India: Mathura: A Gazetteer
by D.L. Drake-Brockman

Imperial Gazetteer of India: Puri: A Gazetteer
by L.S.S.O`Malley

Imperial Gazetteer of India: Mysore And Coorg

Imperial Gazetteer of India: Madras Presidency, Vol I and II


Imperial Gazetteer of India: Punjab Vol I and II

Imperial Gazetteer of India: Bombay Presidency Vol I and II

The Imperial Guptas: A Bibliography
by Jagdish S. Yadav, Nirmala Yadav

ISID Index Series: Volume 2: Sixteen Economic Journals


International Relations in South Asia: Directory of Institutions
by Gilles Boquerat

South Asian Cultural Studies: A Bibliography
by Vinay Lal

Mughal Documents, Vol. II: 1628-1659
by S.A.I. Tirmizi

Directory of Scholars and Institutions in the Field of Indo-Persian Studies in India
by Francoise `Nalini` Delvoye, Chander Shekhar



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