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Records 1 to 40 of 1585

Dreams of the Dragon`s Children
by Navroze Contractor

The Indian Economy and its Performance Since Independence
by R.A. Choudhury, Shama Gamkhar, Aurobindo Ghosh

The Householder`s World: Purity, Power and Dominance in a Nepali Village
by John N. Gray

India`s Changing Rural Scene 1963-1979
by Gilbert Etienne


Radhasoami Reality: The Logic of a Modern Faith
by Mark Juergensmeyer

Agrarian Class Conflict: The Political Mobilization of Agricultural Labourers in Kuttanad, South India
by Joseph Tharamangalam

Journey Through Nepal
by Mohamed Amin, Duncan Willetts, Brian Tetley

Assessing Village Labour Situations in Developing Countries
by John Connell, Michael Lipton


Religion and Nationalism in India: The Case of The Punjab
by Harnik Deol

Postwar Revolt of the Rural Poor in Bengal: Memoirs of a Communist Activist
by Abani Lahiri

Dilemmas of Life and Death: Hindu Ethics in North American Context
by S. Cromwell Crawford

Against Purity: Rethinking Identity with Indian and Western Feminisms
by Irene Gedalof


The Afghan Connection: The Extraordinary Adventures of Major Eldred Pottinger
by George Pottinger

Gendering the Spirit: Women, Religion and the Post-Colonial Response
by Durre S. Ahmed

In Exile from the Land of Snows: The Dalai Lama and Tibet Since the Chinese Conquest
by John F. Avedon

India: The Cultural Companion
by Richard Waterstone


Translating Development: The Case of Nepal
by Manfred Domroes

Demystifying Tibet: Unlocking the Secrets of the Land of the Snows
by Lee Feigon

Home and Harem: Nation, Gender, Empire and the Cultures of Travel
by Inderpal Grewal

Whose India?: The Independence Struggle in British and Indian Fiction and History
by Teresa Hubel


Protestant Origins in India: Tamil Evangelical Christians, 1706-1835
by D. Dennis Hudson

Pilgrimage in Tibet
by Alex Mckay

Perfecting Women: Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanawi`s Bihishti Zewar
by Barbara Daly Metcalft

A Popular Dictionary of Islam
by Ian Richard Netton


Nets of Awareness: Urdu Poetry and its Critics
by Frances W. Pritchett

A Flowering Tree and Other Oral Tales from India
by A.K. Ramanujan

The Blackwell Companion to Major Social Theorists
by George Ritzer

Sikh Religion, Culture and Ethnicity
by Christopher Shackle


The New Economics of India`s Green Revolution: Income and Employment Diffusion in Uttar Pradesh
by Rita Sharma, Thomas T. Poleman

A Kite Journey Through India
by Tal Streeter

Spirited Women: Gender, Religion and Cultural Identity in the Nepal Himalaya
by Joanne C. Watkings

A Popular Dictionary of Hinduism
by Karel Werner


The Rishi of Bangladesh: A History of Christian Dialogues
by Cosimo Zane

Economic Development in Palanpur Over Five Decades
by Peter Lanjouw, Nicholas Stern

Desert Places
by Robyn Davidson

Rhetoric and Ritual in Colonial India: The Shaping of a Public Culture in Surat City, 1852-1928
by Douglas E Haynes


The Trouser People: A Story of Burma--In the Shadow of the Empire
by Andrew Marshall

Monks, Spies and a Soldier of Fortune: The Japanese in Tibet
by Scott Berry

In the Circle of the Dance: Notes of an Outsider in Nepal
by Katharine Bjork Guneratne

Impact of Agricultural Development on Demographic Behaviour
by D. N. Basu, Raghu Roy & Pallavi Nikhil



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