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Drug Addiction in Schools: Myth or Reality: With Special Reference to Chandigarh, Delhi and Haryana
by Rajinder M. Kalra

Aids and Sexual Behaviour
by Savita Sharma

Invented Moralities: Sexual Values in an Age of Uncertainty
by Jeffrey Weeks

Alcohol and Drug Dependence Among Industrial Workers
by Chandra Paul Singh


Drug Abuse: Socio-Psychological Perspectives and Intervention Strategies
by Rashmi Agrawal

HIV Education and Prevention: Looking Beyond the Present
by Gracious Thomas

Prevention of Aids: In Search of Answers
by Gracious Thomas

Family Care in HIV / AIDS
by Premilla D`Cruz


Encyclopaedia of AIDS (7 Vols. Set)
by G. C. Satpathy

AIDS Transmission: Challenges in the New Millennium
by G.C. Sapathy

Prostitution: A Bibliographical Synthesis
by Biswanath Joardar

The Looming Epidemic: The Impact of HIV and AIDS in India
by Peter Godwin


Strategic Communication in the HIV/AIDS Epidemic
by Neill McKee, Jane T. Bertrand, Antje Becker-Benton

Sexuality in the Time of AIDS: Contemporary Perspectives from Communities in India
by Ravi K. Verma, Pertti J. Pelto, Stephen L. Schensul, Archana Joshi

Sexuality in the Time of AIDS: Contemporary Perspectives from Communities in India
by Ravi K. Verma, Pertti J. Pelto, Stephen L. Schensul, Archana Joshi

The Reality of Aid 1998/1999: An Independent Review of Poverty REduction and Development Assistance
by Judith Randel, Tony German


Legislating an Epidemic HIV/AIDS in India
by The Lawyers Collective

Living `Life` with HIV/AIDS: Striving Towards Basic Rights
by N. Ravichandran

AIDS as a Gender Issue: Psychosocial Perspectives
by Lorraine Sherr

Teaching and Inculcating a Healthy Llife Style among Students: Prevention of HIV/AIDS
by Rajinder M. Kalra, Rakesh Mehta, S. Kalra


India Sits on Aids Bomb
by S.P. Sinha

Condoms, Aids and Sexuality
by Suhita Chopra

Handbook for Legislators on HIV/AIDS, Law and Human Rights: Action to Combat HIV/AIDS in view of its Devastating Human, Economic and Social Impact

Dictionary of Aids
by Shalini Raj


In Sickness and in Health: The Family Experience of HIV/AIDS in India
by Premilla D`Cruz

HIV/AIDS: Transmission, Prevention and Alternative Therapies
by V.K. Ahluwalia, M. Ahluwalia

Sexually Transmitted Diseases and AIDS
by Vinod K. Sharma

AIDS, Social Work and Law
by G. Thomas


HIV/AIDS Related Risk Behaviour in Migrant Artisans
by Debashree De Sircar

AIDS: Prevention and Control
by Suresh Dutt

Encyclopaedia of AIDS and Sexual Behaviour (3 Vols. Set)
by B.K. Sinha

Social Work Practice and Men who have Sex with Men
by Sherry Joseph


Social Work Practice and Men who Have Sex with Men
by Sherry Joseph

Sex Education: AIDS and Sexuality
by Surendra Pratap Singh

AIDS and the Human Survival
by V. Ramamurthy

Global Patterns of HIV/AIDS Transmission
by V. Ramamurthy


HIV/AIDS: Vulnerability in South Asia
by V. Ramamurthy

AIDS: Risk and Awareness
by Jyoti Kakkar

Health Promotion, Prevention of Hiv/Aids and Population Regulation: Strategies for Developing Countries
by Kuttan Mahadevan, S. Krishna Kumar

HIV/AIDS Education
by R.C. Mishra



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