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Records 561 to 597 of 597

Asean-India Development and Cooperation Report 2015

Public Management and Governance (Third Edition)
by Tony Bovaird and Elke Loeffler

Dream Machine: Realism and Fantasy in Hindi Cinema
by Samir Dayal

Prose of the World: Modern and the Banality of Empire
by Saikat Majumdar


Religion Crossing Boundaries: Transnational Religious and Social Dynamics in Africa and the New African Diaspora
by Afe Adogame and James V. Spickard

Islam and the Limits of the State: Reconfigurations of Practice, Community and Authority in Contemporary Aceh
by R. Michael Feener, David Kloos, and Annemarie Samuels

Applied Anthropology: Unexpected Spaces, Topics, and Methods
by Sheena Nahm and Cortney Hughes Rinker

Undernutrition and Public Policy in India
by Sonalde Desai, Lawrence Haddad & Deepa Chopra


Histories of Medicine and Healing in The Indian Ocean World, Volume One: The Medieval and Early Modern Period
by Anna Winterbottom and Facil Tesfaye

Histories of Medicine and Healing in the Indian Ocean World, Volume Two: The Modern Period
by Anna Winterbottom and Facil Tesfaye

Magical Consciousness: An Anthropological and Neurobiological Approach
by Susan Greenwood and Erik D. Goodwyn

Creating and Implementing Public Policy: Cross-Sectorial Debates
by Gemma Carey, Kathy Landvogt and Jo Barraket


The Public History Reader
by Hilda Kean and Paul Martin

llliberal Democracy in Indonesia: The Ideology of the Family State
by David Bourchier

Tourism and Sustainability: Development, Globalisation and New Tourism in the Third World (Fourth Edition)
by Martin Mowforth and Ian Munt

Health And the National Health Service (Second Edition)
by John Carrier and Ian Kendall


Culture and Conservation: Beyond Anthropocentrism
by Eleanor Shoreman-Ouimet and Helen Kopnina

Television Studies: The Key Concepts (Second Edition)
by Bernadette Casey, Neil Casey, Ben Calvert, Liam French, and Justin Lewis

Right to Education in India: Resources, Institutions and Public Policy
by Praveen Jha and P. Geetha Rani

Nation, Constitutionalism and Buddhism in Sri Lanka
by Roshan De Silva Wijeyeratne


Communities of Women in Assam: Being, Doing and Thinking Together
by Nandana Dutta

Unheeded Hinterland: Identity and Sovereignty in Northeast India
by Dilip Gogoi

Exploring Alterity in a Globalized World
by Christoph Wulf

India and South Africa
by Javed Majeed And Isabel Hofmeyr


A Functional Account of Marathi`s Voice Phenomena: Passives and Causatives in Marathi
by Prashant Pardeshi

Popular Hindi Cinema: Aesthetic Formations of the Seen and Unseen
by Ronie Parciack

An Introduction to African Politics (Fourth Edition)
by Alex Thomson

Sucide in Sri Lanka: The Anthropology of An Epidemic
by Tom Widger


The Linguistic Landscape of Post-Apartheid South Africa: Politics and Discourse
by Liesel Hibbert

Salaam Bollywood: Representations and Interpretations
by Vikrant Kishore, Amit Sarwal and Parichay Patra

Women, Health And Public Services In India: Why Ate States Different
by Dipa Sinha

Africa and the Indian Ocean Region
by Timothy Doyle and Dennis Rumley


Feminism and Nationalism in the Third World
by Kumari Jayawardena

Women Architects in India: Histories of Practice in Mumbai and Delhi
by Mary N. Woods

The Routledge Handbook of Global Public Policy and Administration
by Thoms R. Klassen, Denita Cepiku and T.J. Lah

Urban Poverty, Local Governance and Everyday Politics in Mumbai (South Asia Edition)
by Joop De Wit


Higher Education and Professional Ethics: Role and Responsiblities of Teachers
by Satya Sundar Sethy



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