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Building the New World: Studies in the Modern Architecture of Latin America1930-1960
by Valerie Fraser

Towards Creative Learning Spaces Re-thinking the Architecture of Post-compulsory Education
by Jos Boys

Legal Architecture Justice, due process and the Place of law
by Linda Mulcahy

The Indoor Environment Handbook: How to Make Buildings Healthy and Comfortable
by Philomena M. Bluyssen


Quality Management in Construction Projects
by Abdul Razzak Rumane

Building Vulnerability Assessments: Industrial Hygiene and Engineering Concepts
by Martha J. Boss, Dennis W. Day

Understanding Building Failures (3rd Edition)
by Jams Dougals and Bill Ransom

Reading Architecture and Culture: Researching Buildings, Spaces and Documents
by Adam Sharr


Scheduling Construction Projects: Principles and Practices
by Sandra Weber

Planning for Tall Buildings
by Michael J. Short

Sustainable Retrofitting of Commercial Buildings: War Climates
by Richard Hyde, Nathan Groenhout, Francis Barram and Ken Yeang

Carbon Management in the Built Environment
by Rohinton Emmanuel & Keith Baker


Energizing Sustainable Cities: Assessing Urban Energy
by Arnulf Grubler & David Fisk

Designed for Habitat: Collaborations with Habitat for Humanity
by David Hinson & Justin Miller

Designing to Avoid Disaster: The Nature of Fracture-Critical Design
by Thomas Fisher

Construction Technology 2 Industrial and Commercial Building (2nd Edition)
by Mike Riley and Alison Cotgrave


Building Services Design For Energy Efficient Buildings
by Paul Tymkow, Savvas Tassou,Maria Kolokotroni and Hussam Jouhara

Building Construction: Principles, Materials, and Systems (Second Edition)
by Madan Mehta, Walter Scarborough & Diane Armpriest

Robert Willis (1800-1875) and the Foundation of Architectural History
by Alexandrina Buchanan

Construction Contract Preparation and Management: From Concept to Completion
by Geoff Powell


Urban Economics and Real Estate Markets
by Denise Dipasquale & William C. Wheaton

Mass Customisation and Personalisation in Architecture and Construction
by Poorang A.E. Piroozfar and Frank T. Pillar

Visual Culture in the Built Environment: A Global Perspective
by Susan M. Winchip

Cities of Tomorrow: An Intellectual History of Urban Planning and Design Since 1880 (4th Edition)
by Peter Hall


An Introduction to Passive House
by Justin Bere

Buildings Must Die: A Perverse View of Architecture
by Stephen Crirns and Jane M. Jacobs

Creating Outstanding Classrooms: A Whole-School Approach
by Oliver Knight and David Benson

Architectural Topographies: A Graphic Lexicon of How Building Touch the Ground
by Toma Berlanda


Architecture Live Projects: Pedagogy into Practice
by Harriet Harriss and Iynnette Widder

Architectural Topographies: A Graphic Iexicon of How Buildings Touch the Ground
by Toma Berlanda

School Design Together
by Pamela Woolner

Transforming the Doctor`s Office: Principles From Evidence-Based Design
by Ann Sloan Devlin


Design for Liberty: Private Property, Public Administration, and the Rule of Law
by Ricahrd A.Epstein

Intelligent Buildings: An Introduction
by Derek Clements-Croome

Under Construction: Logics of Urbanism in The Gulf Region
by Steffen Wippel Katrin Bromber Christian Steiner Birgit Krawietz

Building Environment: English Heritage Practical Building Conservation
by English Heritage


Sustainable Construction: Green Building Design and Delivery
by Charles J. Kibert

Barry`s Introduction to Construction of Buildings (Thrid Edition)
by Stephen Emmitt and Christopher A. Gorse

Dictionary of Architectural and Building Technology (4th Edition)
by Hennry J. Cowan & Peter R. Smith

Building Regulations Explained 2004 Revision (Seventh Edition)
by John Stephenson



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