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Records 1 to 40 of 963

Afghanistan and Central Asia in the New Great Game
by Shamas-Ud-Din, Bhaswati Sarkar

Kurdish Culture and Identity
by Philip Kreyenbroek, Christine Allison

Martyrs, Traitors and Patriots: Kurdistan after the Gulf War
by Sheri Laizer

Ecofeminism as Politics: Nature, Marx and the Postmodern
by Ariel Salleh


Forager-Traders in South and Southeast Asia: Long Term Histories
by Kathleen D. Morrison, Laura L. Junker

Sociology: The Basics
by Martin Albrow

Danger in Kashmir
by Joseph Korbel

The Gates of India: Being an Historical Narrative
by Thomas Col Holdich


Travels of Marco Polo: The Venetian (1260-1295)
by Marco Polo, J. Masfield

The Model of Tatarstan: Under President Mintimer Shaimiev
by Ravil Bukharaev

Qaidu And the Rise of the Independent Mongol State in Central Asia
by Michal Biran

Contemporary Kazaks: Cultural and Social Perspectives
by Ingvar Svanberg


After Atheism: Religion and Ethnicity in Russia and Central Asia
by David C. Lewis

Travels in Tartary Thibet and China (Illustrated) (2 Vols. Set)
by M. Huc

Perception, Politics and Security in South Asia: The Compound Crisis of 1990
by P.R. Chari, Pervaiz Iqbal Cheema, S.P. Cohen

Chinese Central Asia: An Account of Travels in Northern Kashmir and Chinese Turkestan
by C P Skrine


The Limited Elite: Politics and Government in Two Indian Cities
by Donald B. Rosentha

Mongolia Between China and the USSR
by Ram Rahul

Constitutional Rights and Powers of the People
by Wayne D. Moore

Reforming the Global Financial Architecture: Issues and Proposals
by Yilmaz Akyuz


British Policy in Persia 1918-1925
by Houshang Sabahi

On the Trail of Ancient Man: A Narrative of the Field Work of the Central Asiatic Expeditions
by Roy Chapman Andrews

Animal and Shaman: Ancient Religions of Central Asia
by Julian Baldick

A Companion to Yoga: With Glossarial Index and Bibliography
by Sures Chandra Banerji


A Dictionary of Contemporary History: 1945 to the Present
by Duncan Townson

Central Asia: Imperialistic Motivations and Sinkiang
by Aftab Ahmed Khan

Cane and Labour: The Political Economy of the Queensland Sugar Industry, 1862-1906
by Adrian Graves

The Poverty of Welfare Reform
by Joel F. Handler


The World of Political Economy
by R.J. Barry Jones

Turkistan: Notes of a Journey in Russian Turkistan, Khokand, Bukhara and Kuldja (2 Vols. Set)
by Eugene Schuyler

It takes a Nation: A New Agenda for Fighting Poverty
by Rebecca M. Blank

Managing Public Services Implementing Changes: A Thoughtful Approach to the Practice of Management
by Tony L. Doherty, Terry Horne


Economic and Political Institutions in Economic Policy
by V.A. Muscatelli

The Dynamic Society: Exploring the Sources of Global Change
by Graeme Donald Snooks

Reaping the Whirlwind: The Taliban Movement in Afghanistan
by Michael Griffin

War at the Top of the World: The Struggle for Afghanistan, Kashmir and Tibet
by Eric S. Margolis


The Rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan: Mass Mobilization, Civil War and the Future of the Region
by Neamatollah Nojumi

The Search for Peace in Afghanistan: From Buffer State to Failed State
by Barnett R. Rubin

The Afghans
by Willem Vogelsang

The Communist Manifesto: New Interpretations
by Mark Cowling



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