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Transforming Ourselves, Transforming the World: An Open Conspiracy for Social Change
by Brian K. Murphy

The Economics of the Good Society: The Variety of Economic Arrangements
by Joseph S. Berliner

Shattering the Myth: Islam Beyond Violence
by Bruce B. Lawrence

Women and Men Political Theoriests: Enlightened Conversations
by Kristin Waters


Academic Freedom 1990; A Human Rights Report.
by Laksiri Fernando

The Next Generation
by Judith Ennew, Brian Milne

Toward a Global Civil Society
by Michael Walzer

Organizing for Democracy: NGOs, Civil Society, and the Philippine State
by G. Sidney Silliman, Lela Garner Noble


Hard Choices: Social Democracy in the 21st Century
by Christopher Pierson

AIDS and Civil Society: India`s Learning Curve
by Radhika ramasubban, Bhanwar Rishyasringa

Empowering Society: An Analysis of Business, Government and Social Development Approaches to Empowerment
by Usha Jumani

The Classless Society
by Paul W. Kingston


Civil Society and Fanaticism: Conjoined Histories
by Dominique Colas

Italy and Its Discontemets: Family, Civil Society, State: 1980-2001
by Paul Ginsborc

World Trade and Development Report 2007: Building a Development-Friendly World Trading System

Constructing World Culture: International nongovernnantal Organizations Since 1875
by John Boli and George M. Thomas


The Rule of Freedom: libralism and The Modern City
by Patrick Joyce

To Relish the Sublime? Culture and Self-realization in Postmodern Times
by Martin Ryle and Kate Soper

Civil Society: The Conservative Meaning of Liberal Politics
by Lawrence E. Cahoone

A World Growing Old
by Jeremy Seabrook


Antidiscrimination Law & Social Equality
by Andrew Koppelman

Transforming Ourselves, Transforming the World: An Open Conspiracy for Social Change
by Brian K. Murphy

The Business of Human Rights: An Evolving Agenda for Corporate Responsibility
by Aurora Voiculescu and Helen Yanacopulos

Taking Aim At The Arms Trade Ngos, Global Civil Society and the World Military Order
by Anne Stavrianakis


Worst-Case Scenario?: Governance, Mediation and the Security Regime
by Stuart Price

Policing and Human Rights: The Meaning of Violence and Justice in the Everyday Policing of Johannesburg
by Julia Hornberger

Forced Marriage: Introducing a Social Justice and Human Rights Perspective
by Aisha K. Gill & Sundari Anitha

Policing Sexuality: Sex, Society, and the State
by Julian C.H. Lee


Negotiating Development in Muslim Societies: Gendered Spaces and Translocal Connections
by Gudrun Lachenmann and Petra Dannecker

Government Transparency: Impacts and Unintended Consequences
by Tero Erkkila

Civil Society and the State in Left-Led Latin America: Challenges and Limitations to Democratization
by Barry Cannon & Peadar Kirby

Critical Theory and Democracy: Civil Society, Dictatorship, and Constitutionalism in Andrew Arato`s Democratic Theory
by Enrique Peruzzotti & Martin Plot


The Invention of the White Race: Volume 2: The Origin of Racial Oppression in Anglo-America
by Theodore W. Allen

After Cosmopolitanism
by Rosi Braidotti, Patrick Hanafin and Bolette Blaaggard

The Empire of Civil Society: A Critical of the Realist Theory of International Relations
by Justin Rosenberg

Postcolonial Slavery: An Overview of Colonialism`s Legacy
by Charlotte Baker and Jennifer Jahn


Early Childhood Programs as the Doorway to Social Cohesion: Application of Vygotsky`s Ideas from an East-West Perspective
by Aija Tuna and Jacqueline Hayden

Human Rights in Libya: The Impact of International Society Since 1969
by Giacomina De Bona

Practice What You Teach: Social Justice Education in the Classroom and the Streets
by Bree Picower

Civil Society and Democratization in India: Institutions, Ideologies and Interests
by Sarbeswar Sahoo



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