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Inventing Subjects: Studies in Hegemony, Patriarchy and Colonialism.
by Himani Bannerji

Divine Affairs: Religion, Pilgrimage and the State in Colonial and Postcolonial India.
by Ishita Banerjee Dube

Defying Death: Struggles Against Imperialism and Feudalism
by Maya Gupta, Amit Kumar Gupta

A Rule of Property for Bengal: An Essay on the Idea of Permanent Settlement
by Ranajit Guha


The British Raj and the Indian Princes: Paramountcy in Western India 1857-1930
by Ian Copland

Language Politics, Elites, and the Public Sphere: Western India Under Colonialism
by Veena Naregal

Azad Hind: Writings and Speeches 1941-1943: Vol. 11
by Subhas Chandra BoseBose, Sisir K. and Sugata Bose

Woman and Empire: Representations in the Writings of British India (1858-1900)
by Indrani Sen


Awadh in Revolt 1857-1858: A Study of Popular Resistance
by Rudrangshu Mukherjee

The Founding of Madras
by N.S. Ramaswami

Twentieth Century Imperialism: Shifting Contours and Changing Conceptions.
by Rajen Harshe

The Uncolonised Heart
by Lou Ratte


On the National and Colonial Questions: Selected Writings: Edited with an Introduction by Aijaz Ahmad.
by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels

Remembrance of Days Past: Glimpses of a Princely State During the Raj
by Jahanara Habibullah

Peasants and Monks in British India
by William R. Pinch

Patrons and Philistines: Arts and the State in British India.
by Pushpa Sundar


Plantation, Production and Political Power: Plantation Development in South West India 1743-1963.
by Paul Erik Baak

Perceptions, Emotions, Sensibilities: Essays on India`s Colonial and Post-Colonial Experiences.
by Tapan Raychaudhuri

Psychoanalysis in Colonial India
by Christiane Hartnack

Precolonial India in Practice: Society, Region and Identity in Medieval Andhra.
by Cynthia Talbot


Postcolonial Insecurities: India, Sri Lanka, and the Question of Nationhood.
by Sankaran Krishna

Poems of Nation, Anthems of Empire: English Verse in the Long Eighteenth Century.
by Suvir Kaul

The Politics of a Popular Uprising: Bundelkhand in 1857
by Tapati Roy

Gentlemen Poets in Colonial Bengal: Emergent Nationalism and the Orientalist Project
by Rosinka Chaudhuri


The Queen of Jhansi
by Mahasweta Devi

Interrogating Modernity: Culture and Colonialism in India
by Tejaswini Niranjana, P. Sudhir and Vivek Dhareshwar

Dangerous Outcast: The Prostitute in Nineteenth Century Bengal
by Sumanta Banerjee

Robes of Honour: Khil`at in Pre-Colonial and Colonial India
by Stewart Gordon


Brothers in the Raj: The Lives of John and Henry Lawrence
by Harold Lee

The British Raj and Its Indian Armed Forces 1857-1939
by Partha Sarathi Gupta, Anirudh Deshpande

The Portuguese, Indian Ocean and European Bridgeheads 1500-1800: Festschrift in Honour of Prof. K.S. Mathew
by Pius Malekandathil, Jamal Mohammad

Village Education in India: The Report of a Commission of Inquiry
by A.G. Fraser, M.M. Allan, J.M. Maclean, K.T. Paul, D.J. Fleming


The Alternative Leadership: Speeches, Articles, Statements and Letters, June 1939-1941: Vol. 10
by Subhas Chandra Bose

The Rani of Jhansi
by P.J.O. Taylor

The Competition Wallah
by George Otto Trevelyan

A Sahib Remembers
by P. J. O. Taylor


Nautch Girls of India: Dancers, Singers, Playmates
by Pran Nevile

Political History of Carnatic Under the Nawabs
by N. S. Ramaswami

The Politics of the British Annexation of India 1757-1857
by Michael H. Fisher

Of the Raj, Maharajas and Me
by M.A. Sreenivasan



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