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Records 1 to 40 of 11784

Securing India`s Future in the New Millennium
by Brahma Chellaney

Plantation, Production and Political Power: Plantation Development in South West India 1743-1963.
by Paul Erik Baak

In the Absence of God: The Early Years of an Indian Sect
by Anne Feldhaus, Shankar Gopal Tulpule

Maharajas in the Making: Life at the Eton of India 1935-40
by John Hill


The Female Bridegroom: A Comparative Study of Life-Crisis Rituals in South India and Sri Lanka
by Anthony Good

Colonialism, Chemical Technology and Industry in Southern India 1880-1937
by Nasir Tyabji

Satyajit Ray: Creating Classics
by Gopa Majumdar

The Emergence of Provincial Politics: The Madras Presidency 1870-1920
by D. A. Washbrook


Ancient Cities of the Indus
by Gregory L. Possehl

Studies in the Archaeology and Palaeonthropology of Suth Asia
by Kenneth A.R. Kennedy, Gregory L. Possehl

Stories about This and That
by Shobita Punja

Terror in the Mind of God: The Global Rise of Religious Violence
by Mark Juergensmeyer


The Terrorist Prince: The Life and Death of Murtaza Bhutto
by Raja Anwar

India in the World Order: Searching for Major-Power Status
by Baldev Raj Nayar, T.V. Paul

Freedom Movement in French India: The Mahe Revolt of 1948
by J.B.P. More

WTO: A Challenge for Swadeshi Swaraj
by Devdutt


Mawdudi and the Making of Islamic Revivalism
by Seyyed Vali Reza Nasr

Ghosts: Life and Death in North India
by Ruth S. Freed, Stanley A. Freed

Roads and Rivals: The Political Uses of Access in the Borderlands of Asia
by Mahnaz Z. Ispahani

Querying the Medieval: Texts and the History of Practices in South Asia
by Ronald Inden, Jonathan Walters, Daud Ali


Reconstituting India
by Pradip Sarbadhikari

A Short Introduction to Sakta Philosophy
by Subodh Kapoor

Healing Mantras: Sacred Words of Power
by M.N. Dutt

Political Behaviour of Indian State Governors: A Study of the Role of Governor in Orissa
by Digambar Mishra


Small Industrialists, Big Ambitions: Economic and Political Networks on a Large Industrial Estate in Western India
by Pister Gorter

The Sociology of Formal Organizations
by Anil Chaturvedi, Abha Chaturvedi

The Hare Krishnas in India
by Charles R. Brooks

The Jains (Sec.edn.)
by Paul Dundas


A Stream of Windows: Unsettling Reflections on Trade, Immigration and Democracy
by Jagdish Bhagwati

Sword: Symbol of Divine Authority
by Sahib Singh, Dalip Singh

South Asia at Gun Point: Small Arms & Light Weapons Proliferation
by Dipanker Banerjee

Spiritual Authority and Temporal Power in the Indian Theory of Government
by Ananda K. Coomaraswamy


Sri Lanka: Ethnic Fratricide and the Dismanting of Democracy
by S.J. Tambiah

Selected Works of Govind Ballabh Pant (Volume 18)
by B.R. Nanda

Failing the Promise: Irrelevance of the Vajpayee Government
by Ravi Shanker Kapoor

Family and Kinship: A Study of the Pandits of Rural Kashmir: Second Enlarged Edition
by T.N. Madan


Dreams of the Dragon`s Children
by Navroze Contractor

Pakistan: In the Face of the Afghan Conflict 1979-1985: At the Turn of the Cold War
by Frederic Grare

Divine Love in Islamic Mysticism: The Teachings of Al-Ghazati and Al-Dabbagh
by Binyamin Abrahamov

Identity in Asian Literature
by Lisbeth Littrup



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