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Battling for Survival: India`s Wilderness Over Two Centuries
by Valmik Thapar

Women, the Environment and Sustainable Development: Towards a Theoretical Synthesis
by Rosi Braidotti, Ewa Charkiewicz, S. Hausler, S. Wieringa

Govindadeva: A Dialogue in Stone
by Margaret H. Case

In the Sign of the Golden Wheel: Indian Memories of an English Buddhist
by Sangharakshita


A View to a Death in the Morning: Hunting and Nature through History
by Matt Cartmill

The Promise of Green Politics
by Douglas Torgerson

Historic House Museums: A Practical Handbook for their Care, Preservation and Management
by Sherry Butcher-Younghans

The Unquiet Woods: Ecological Change and Peasant Resistance in the Himalaya, Expanded Edition
by Ramachandra Guha


Primates Face to Face: The Conservation Implications of Human-Nonhuman Primate Interconnections
by Agustin Fuentes, Linda D. Wolfe

The Story of Museums: Wonders of the Taj Mahal and Ajanta
by Sujit Narayan Sen

Jungles, Reserves, Wildlife: A History of Forests in Assam
by Arupjyoti Saikia

Coral Reefs of the Indian Ocean: Their Ecology and Conservation
by Tim R. McClanahan Charles R. Sheppard David O. Obura


Environmental Valuation: A Worldwide Compendium of Case Studies
by Rietbergen-McCracken and Hussein Abaza

Monument Conservation in Nepal: My Experience with the World Heritage Sites of Kathmandu Valley
by Dr. Shaphalya Amatya

Responding to Global Warming: The Technology, Economics and Politics of Sustainable Energy
by Peter Read

The End of Modernity: What the Finacial and Environmental Crisis is Really Telling Us
by Stuart Sim


Conducting Research In Conservation: A Social Sceince Perspective
by Helen Newing

Ideologies in the Age of Extremes: Liberalism, Conservatism, Communism, Fascism 1914-91
by Willie Thompson

Rethinking Macroeconomics for Sustainability
by Alejandro Nadal

Biofuels and the Globalization of Risk: The Biggest Change in North-South Relationships since Colonialism?
by James Smith


The Final Energy Crisis (2nd Edition)
by Sheila Newman

Protecting the Global Environment
by Gary C. Bryner

Sustainable Development as a Civilizational Revolution: A Multidisciplinary Approach to the Challenges of the 21st Century
by Artur Pawlowski

Empire and Environmental Anxiety: Health, Science, Art and Conservation in South Asia and Australasia, 1800-1920
by James Beattie


The Role of Science for Conservation
by Matthias Wolff & Mark Gardener

On Environmental Governance: Sustainability, Efficiency, and Equity
by Oran R. Young

Sustainable Practices: Social Theory and Climate Change
by Elizabeth Shove & Nicola Spurling

Consuming Families: Buying, Making, Producing Family Life in the 21st Century
by Jo Lindsay and Janemaree Maher


Climate Change Ethinc: Navigating the Perfect Moral Storm
by Donald A. Brown

Eco-Business: A Big-Brand Takeover of Sustainability
by Peter Dauvergne and Jane Lister

Contested Water: The Struggle Against Water Privatization in the United States and Canada
by Joanna L. Robinson

Contested Forms of Governance in Marine Protected Areas: A Study of Co-Mangament and Adaptive
by Natalie Bown, Tim Gray And Selina M. Stead


Low Carbon Nation?
by Mike Hodson and Simon Marvin

Developing Sustainable Agriculture and Community
by Lionel J. Beaulieu and Jeffrey L. Jordan

Green Politics in China: Environmental Governance and State-Society Relations
by Joy Y Zhang and Michael Barr

Land and Resource Scarcity: Capitalism, Strunggle and Well-Being in a World Without Fossil Fuels
by Andreas Exner, Peter Fleissner, Lukas Kranzl and Werner Zittel


Employee Engagement With Sustainable Business: How to Change the World Whilst Keeping Your Day Job
by Nadine Exter

Human Dependence on Nature: How to Help Solve the Environmental Crisis
by Haydn Washington

Planning Sustainable Transport
by Barry Hutton

Govering International Watercourses: River Basin Organizations and the Sustainable Governance of Internationally Shared Rivers and Lakes
by Susanne Schmeier



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