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The Encyclopedia of Murder and Mystery
by Bruce F. Murphy

The New European Criminology: Crime and Social Order in Europe
by Vincenzo Ruggiero, Nigel South, Ian Taylor

Bad Neighbour Policy: Washington`s Futile War on Drugs in Latin America
by Ted Galen Carpenter

The Blackwell Companion to Criminology
by William J. Chambliss


The Politics and Economics of Drug Production on the Pakistan-Afghanistan Border
by Amir Zada Asad and Robert Harris

Framing Crime: Cultural Criminology and the Image
by Keith J. Hayward and Mike Presdee

Policy Networks in Criminal Justice
by Mick Ryan, Stephen P. Savage and David S. Wall

Public Criminology?
by Ian Loader and Richard Sparks


International Handbook of Victimology
by Shlomo Giora Shoham, Paul Kneper and Martin Kett

International Handbook of Criminology
by Shlomo Giora Shoham, Paul Kneper and Martin Kett

A Criminological Imagination: Essays on Justice, Punishment, Discourse
by Pat Carlen

Crime and Culture: An Historical Perspective
by Amy Gilman Srebnick and Rene Levy


Racial Criminalization of Migrants in the 21st Century
by Salvatore Palidda

Researching Crime and Justice: Tales from the field
by Louise Westmarland

Crime and Criminal Justice
by Gaynor Melville, Keith Morgan, Gareth Norris and John Cochrane

A New Response to Youth Crime
by David J. Smith


Cyber Criminology: Exploring Internet Crimes and Criminal Behavior
by K. Jaishankar

Crime and Deviance in Cyberspace
by David S. Wall

Surveillance: Critical Concepts in Criminology (4 Vols Set)
by Benjamin J. Goold

The Liberal Defene of Murder
by Richard Seymour


Space of Detention: The Making of a Transnational Gang Crisis Beteen Los Angeles and San Salvador
by Elana Zilberg

Imprisoning Medieval Women: The Non-Judicial Confinement and Abduction of Women in Englad, c. 1170-1509
by Gwen Seabourne

Crime and the Internet
by David S. Wall

Crime and Corruption in New Democracies: The Politics of (IN) Security
by Jon Moran


Technocrime, Policing and Surveillance
by Stephane Leman-Langlois

New Directions In Criminological Theory
by Steve Hall and Simon Winlow

An Introduction to Forensic Linguistics: Language in Evidence
by Malcolm Coulthard and Alison Johnson

Key Concepts in Criminology and Criminal Justice
by Helena Mcfarquhar


The Criminal Cases Review Commission: Hope for the Innocent?
by Michael Naughton

Great Debates Criminal Law
by Jonathan Herring

Exploring the Boundaries of International Criminal Justice
by Ralph Henham and Mark Findlay

Human Trafficking: The Library of Essays on Transnational Crime
by Marie Segrave


Sex Trafficking: A Private Law Response
by Tsachi Keren-Paz

Called to Account: Financial Frauds that Shaped the Accounitng Profession (Second Edition)
by Paul M.Clikeman

Honor-Based Violence: Policing and Prevention
by Karl Anton Roberts, Gerry Campbell, Glen Lloyd

Criminal Justices, Mental Health and the Politics of Risk
by Nicola Gray, Judith Laing and Lesley Noaks


Genociede, State Crime and the Law: In the Name of the State
by Jennifer Balint

The Library of Essays on Transnatoinal Crime (Set of 5 Volumes)
by Nikos Passas, Steven M.Chermak, Marie Segrave, Rob White,Margaret E.Beare

The International Library of Essays on Capital Punishment (Set of 3 Volumes)
by Peter Hodgkinson

Routledge Handbook of Transnational Criminal Law
by Neil Boister and Robert J. Currie



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