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A Critical Approach to European Security Identity and Institutions
by Pizemyslaw Grudzinski, Peter Van Ham

Human Security: Concepts and Implications
by Shahrbanou Tadjbakhsh and Aruradha M. Chenon

Modern Critical Thought: An Anthology of Theorists Writing on Theorists
by Drew Milne

Securitization Theory: How Security Problems Emerge and Dissolve
by Thierry Balazacq


Critical Perspectives on Human Security: Rethinking Emancipation Power in International Relations
by David Chandler and Nik Hynek

Security, Law and Borders: At The Limits of Liberties
by Tugba Basaran

Securitization Theory: How Security Problems Emerge and Dissolve
by Thierry Balazacq

Feminist Security Studies: A Narrative Approach
by Annick T.R. Wibben


Feminist Security Studies: A Narrative Approach
by Annick T.R. Wibben

The Contested Politics of Mobility: Borderzones and Irregularity
by Vicki Squire

The Ethical Subject of Security: Geopolitical reason and the threat against Europe
by J. Peter Burgess

Social Cohesion and Counter-Terrorism: A Policy Contradiction?
by Charles Husband and Yunis Alam


World At Risk
by Ulrich Beck

Securitizing Immigration: The Politics of Risk in the EU
by Rens Van Munster

Economies of Abandonment: Social Belonging and Endurance in Late Liberalism
by Elizabeth A. Povinelli

Selling the War on Terror: Foreign Policy Discourse after 9/11
by Jack Holland


Critical Terrorism Studies: An Introduction to Research Methods
by Jacob L. Stump and Priya Dixit

Shifting Positionalities: The Local and International Geo-Politics of Surveillance and Policing
by Maria Amela Viteri & Aaron Tobler

World Governance: Do We Need It, Is It Possible, What Could It (All) Mean?
by Jovan Babic & Petar Bojanic

Critical Approaches to Security: An Introduction to Theories and Methods
by Laura J. Shepherd


Doing Business with China: Avoiding the Pitfalis
by Stewart Hamilton and Jinxuan (Ann) Zhang

Terrorism: A Critical Introduction
by Richard Jackson, Lee Jarvis, Jeroen Gunning and Marie Breen Smyth

Homeland Security: What is It and Where Are We Going
by Amos N. Guiora

by Andrew Sneddon


Confronting Injustice and Oppression: Concepts and Strategies
by David G. Gil

Anthrax: Bioterror as Fact and Fantasy
by Philipp Sarasin

The Muslims are Coming!: Islamophobia, Extermism, and the Domestic War On Terror
by Arun Kundnani

Routledge Handbook of Human Security
by Mary Martin and Taylor Owen


Factory of Strategy: 33 Lessons on Lenin
by Antonio Negri

The Darker Side of Travel: The Theory and Practice of Dark Tourism
by Richard Sharpley and Philip R.Stone

The Butterfly Defect: How Globalization Creates Systemic Risks, and What to Do About It
by Ian Goldin & Mike Mariathasan

Pedagogy of Commitment
by Paulo Freire


Criminal Justices, Mental Health and the Politics of Risk
by Nicola Gray, Judith Laing and Lesley Noaks

Regional Organizations and Peacemaking: Challengers to The UN?
by Peter Wallensteen and Anders Bjurner

Critical Security and Chinese Politics: The Anti-Falungong Campaign
by Juha A. Vuori

Cultural Marxism in Postwar Britain: History, the New Left, and the Origins of Cultural Studies
by Dennis Dworkin


Transitional Justice and Peacebuilding on the Ground: Victims and Ex-combatants
by Chandra Lekha Sriram, Jemmia Garcia-Godos, Johanna

The Structural Prevention of Mass Atrocities: Understanding Risk and Resilience
by Stephen McLoughlin

Critical Security Methods: New Frameworks for Analysis
by Claudia Aradau, Jef Huysmans, Andrew Neal and Nadine Voelkner

Refugee Protection and the Role of Law: Conflicting Identities
by Susan Kneebone, Dallal Stevens and Loretta Baldassar



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