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Milk Production and Processing
by C. Ibraheem Kutty, Sheeba Khamer

Cows and Poultry in India: Their Care & Management (sec.edn.)
by E.B.J.

Sadana`s All India Dairy Business Directory: Dairy Yearbook (2nd edn.)

Dairy Development, Marketing and Economic Growth
by M.S. Bedi


Textiles, Dairy, Cement and Mica Industries
by D. Thakur

Economics of Milk Industry in India
by V.K. Agarwal

Dairying in India: A Review
by D.N. Khurody

Dairying in India: Animal Husbandry Manuals
by James N. Warner


Dairying in India
by James N. Warner

Laboratory Manual of Dairy Analysis: (3rd Revised Edition)
by H. Droop Richmond

Women in Dairy Development
by Shagufta Jamal

Dairy Management in India
by C. Madan Mohan


Ecology, Colonialism and Cattle: Central India in the Nineteenth Century
by Laxman D. Satya

Exotic Cross Breeding of Cattle in India: Report of the Expert Committee

The Amul India Story
by Ruth Heredia

Organised Milk Marketing in India: Socio-Economic Impact: A Study of the Delhi Milk Scheme in N.W. Rajasthan
by J.L. Jain, Awadh Prasad, Gopi Nath Gupta


Dairy Farming in Tropics: A Multidimensional Study on Cross-Breeding Programme
by V. Venkatasubramanian, R.M. Fulzele

Evaluation Study on Integrated Dairy Development Project

Dairy Co-operative and Rural Development in India
by M.K. Bandyopadhyay

Dairy Cooperativization: An Instrument of Social Change
by D.R. Shah


Dairy Co-operative Management and Practice
by B.S. Benni

Sheep Production in the Tropics and Sub-Tropics
by Ruth M. Gatenby

Diary Farming
by Harmeet Singh

Invited Papers and Special Lectures: Proceedings Volume II, Part I


Abstracts of Contributory Papers: Proceedings Volume-I

Handbook of Animal Husbandry

Dairy Farming in Mountain Areas
by Vir Singh, Babita Bohra

Milk Supply of the Lahore Town in the Year 1948-49
by Mumtaz Hussain


Indian Women: A Study of their Role in the Diary Movement
by Marty Chen, Manoshi Mitra, Geeta Athreya, Anila Dholakia, Preeta Law, Aruna Rao

Co-Operativization Liberalization and Dairy Industry in India
by Dilip Shah

Food and Dairy Microbiology
by Dr. M.K. Rao

A Textbook of Animal Husbandry (8/e)
by G.C. Banerjee


Dairy Science
by V. Rangrajan

Structure of Dairy Products
by A.Y. Tamime

I Too Had a Dream
by Verghese Kurien

Dairy Cooperatives and Tribal Development
by R.V. Singh


A Text Book of Dairy Chemistry: (Theoretical 2nd Edition)
by E.R. Ling

Agro`s Dictioary of Dairy Science (2nd Edition)
by M. Swamy

Cheese and Butter
by A. Sheeprd and V. Cheke

Dairy Microbiology
by P. Parihar



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