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Impact of Agricultural Development on Demographic Behaviour
by D. N. Basu, Raghu Roy & Pallavi Nikhil

Religious Demography of India
by A.P. Joshi, M.D. Srinivas, J.K. Bajaj

Enduring Conundrum: India`s Sex Ratio: Essays in Honour of Asok Mitra
by Vina Mazumdar, N. Krishnaji

Forecasting the World`s Population
by Six Billion Beyond


Reproductive Rights in Practice: A Feminist Report on the Quality of Care
by Anita Hardon, Elizabeth Hayes

Women`s Empowerment and Demographic Processes: Moving Beyond Cairo
by Harriet B. Presser, Gita Sen

Women as Wombs: Reproductive Technologies and the Battle Over Women`s Freedom
by Janice G. Raymond

Giving Voice to the Poor: Pollution Alleviation in West Bengal and Bangladesh
by Rahul Amin, Maurice St. Pierre


Demographical Differential Among the Rajputs and the Jats - A Socio Biological Study of Rural Haryana
by Shashi Prabha Gupta

Development Strategies and Socio-Demographic Impact of Non-Governmental Organizations: Evidence from Rural Bangladesh
by Ruhul Amin

Himalayan Households: Tamang Demography and Domestic Processes
by Tom Fricke

India`s Historical Demography: Studies in Famine, Disease and Society
by Tim Dyson


Reproductive Change in India and Brazil
by George Martine, Monica Das Gupta, Lincoln C. Chen

A Concise History of World Population (Second Edition)
by Massimo Livi-Bacci

Population and Development in Poor Countries
by Julian L.Simon

Population of India: In the New Millennium; Census 2001
by Mahendra K. Premi


Democraphic Change Health Inequality and Human Development in India
by S. Irudaya Rajan and K.S. James

Rural Development in Eurasia and the Middle East: Land Reform, Demographic Change, and Environmental Constraints
by Kurt E. Engelmann & Vjeran Pavlakovic

Beyond Malthus: Nineteen Dimensions of the Population Challenge
by Lester R. Brown, Gary Gardner & Brian Halweil

Contraception, Colonialism and Commerce: Birth Control in South India, 1920-1940
by Sarah Hodges


Empire in Denial: The Politics of State-Building
by David Chandler

Changing Family Size in England and Wales: Place, Class and Demography, 1891-1911
by Eilidh Garrett, Alice Reid, Kevin Schurer and Simon Szreter

Bare Branches: The Security Implications of Asia`s Surplus Male Population
by Valerie M. Hudson and Andrea M. Den Boer

Dangerous Intersections: Feminism, Population and the Environment
by Jael Silliman & Ynestra King


Demography in Transition: Emerging Trends in Population Studies
by Amanda K. Baumle

Politics of Eugenics: Productionism, Population, and national Welfare
by Alberto Spektorowski and Liza Ireni-Saban



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