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Managing Disasters
by Naseem Ahmad

Gas Tragedy: An Eye Witness
by H L Prajapati

Disaster Management in the Hills
by Satendra

The Bhopal Syndrome: Pesticides Environment and Health
by David Weir


Winning the Future: From Bhakra to Narmada, Tehri, Rajasthan Canal
by B.G. Verghese

Anthropology of Disaster Management
by S. Narayan

Encyclopedia of Disaster Management ( 10 Vols.)
by P. C. Sinha

Cyclone Devastation: Its Implications
by K. Vijaya Kumar


People`s Participation in Watershed Management
by Upendra Nath Roy

Flood Devastation and Agricultural Development in Eastern India in 2 Vols. Set
by Binoy N. Verma

Drought Planning in India
by R.K. Gurjar

Drought Disaster and Agricultural Development in India
by Tapeshwar Singh


Tsunami: The Underrated Hazard
by Bryant

The Bhopal Saga: Causes and Consequences of the World`s Largest Industrial Disaster
by Ingrid Eckerman

A Cloud Over Bhopal: Causes, Consequences and Constructive Solutions
by Alfred de Grazia

Clouds of Injustice: Bhopal Disaster 20 years on


Plan B: Rescuing a Planet under Stress and a Civilization in Trouble
by Lester R. Brown

Bhopal Tragedy: Socio-legal Implications
by P.S. Chauhan

Disaters in India: Studies of Grim Reality
by Anu Kapur

Disaster Management
by R.B. Singh


Disasters in India: Studies of Grim Reality
by Anu Kapur

Faminies and Droughts: Survival Strategies
by P. Prasad

Role of Media in National Crisis
by V. Agarwal

Predicting Earthquakes and Calamities
by Lachhman Das Madan


Tehri Dam is a Time Bomb
by T. Shivaji Rao

Disaster Management Through the New Millennium
by Ayaz Ahmad

by P.C. Sinha

Introduction to Disaster Management
by P.C. Sinha


Hydrological Disasters
by P.C. Sinha

Atmospheric Disasters
by P.C. Sinha

Land Related Disasters
by P.C. Sinha

Forest Related Disasters
by P.C. Sinha


Geological and Mass-Movement Disasters
by P.C. Sinha

Wind and Water Driven Disasters
by P.C. Sinha

Coastal and Marine Disasters
by P.C. Sinha

Human Population Disasters
by P.C. Sinha


Technological Disasters
by P.C. Sinha

Disaster Mitigation: Experiences and Reflections
by Pradeep Sahni, Alka Dhameja and Uma Medury

Ignoring Reason, Inviting Disaster: Threat to Ganga-Himalaya

Landslide Disaster: Assessment and Monittoring
by R. Nagarajan



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