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The Economic History of Medieval India: A Survey
by Irfan Habib

The Trading World of the Tamil Merchant: Evolution of Merchant Capitalism in the Coromandel
by Kanakalatha Mukund

Village Republics: Economic Conditions for Collective Action in South India
by Robert Wade

Small Business Entrepreneurs in Asia and Europe: Towards a Comparative Perspective
by Mario Rutten, Carol Upadhya


The State and Rural Economics Transformation: The Case of Punjab
by G.K. Chadha

Women, Body, Desire in Post-Colonial India: Narratives of Gender and Sexuality.
by Jyoti Puri

Reinventing India: Liberalization, Hindu Nationalism and Popular Democracy
by Stuart Corbridge and John Harriss

Palanpur: The Economy of an Indian Village
by C.J. Bliss and N.H. Stern


The Terrorist Prince: The Life and Death of Murtaza Bhutto
by Raja Anwar

Violence and Subjectivity
by Veena Das, Arthur Kleinman, Mamphela Ramphele, Pamela Reynolds

Ancient Indian Ports: With Special Reference to Maharashtra
by Sharad Hebalker

Imperialism, Nationalism and the Making of the Indian Capitalist Class 1920-1947
by Aditya Mukherjee


Agrarian System in Medieval India: Land Revenue Arrangements in Sarkar Shahabad (Bihar), 1734-1790
by Zahiruddin Malik

The Portuguese and the Socio-Cultural Changes in India, 1500-1800
by K.S. Mathew, Teotonio R. de Souza, Pius Malekandathil

India and the World Economy 1850-1950
by G. Balachandran

Militarism & Women in South Asia
by Anuradha M. Chenoy


Freedom Movement in French India: The Mahe Revolt of 1948
by J.B.P. More

The Portuguese, Indian Ocean and European Bridgeheads 1500-1800: Festschrift in Honour of Prof. K.S. Mathew
by Pius Malekandathil, Jamal Mohammad

Situating the History of Science: Dialogues with Joseph Needham
by Irfan S. Habib, Dhruv Raina

Money and the Market in India 1100-1700
by Sanjay Subrahmanyam


Sinners and Saints: The Successors of Vasco da Gama
by Sanjay Subrahmanyam

The Career and Legend of Vasco Da Gama
by Sanjay Subrahmanyam

WTO: A Challenge for Swadeshi Swaraj
by Devdutt

Curries & Bugles: A Memoir & Cookbook of the British Raj
by Jennifer Brennan


Dialogue and History: Constructing South India, 1795-1895
by Eugene F. Irschick

The Vanguard of the Islamic Revolution: The Jama`at-I Islami of Pakistan
by Seyyed Vali Reza Nasr

Gateways of Asia: Port Cities of Asia in the 13th-20th Centuries
by Frank Broeze

The Female Bridegroom: A Comparative Study of Life-Crisis Rituals in South India and Sri Lanka
by Anthony Good


Prosperity and Misery in Modern Bengal: The Famine of 1943-1944
by Paul R. Greenough

The Hare Krishnas in India
by Charles R. Brooks

The Jains (Sec.edn.)
by Paul Dundas

Vasco Da Gama and the Linking of Europe and Asia
by Anthony Disney, Enily Booth


A Stream of Windows: Unsettling Reflections on Trade, Immigration and Democracy
by Jagdish Bhagwati

Trade in Early India
by Ranabir Chakravarti

The Use and Abuse of Nature: Incorporating this Fissured Land and Ecology and Equity
by Madhav Gadgil, Ramachandra Guha

The Jam Fruit Tree
by Carl Muller


Trade and Finance in the Bengal Presidency 1793-1833
by Amales Tripathi

Russia`s Muslim Frontiers: New Directions in Cross-Cultural Analysis
by Dale F. Eickelman

Persian Sufi Poetry: An Introduction to the Mystical Use of Classical Poems
by J.T.P. de Bruijn

Sufi Ritual: The Parallel Universe
by Ian Richard Netton



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