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Dangerous Tastes: The Story of Spices
by Andrew Dalby

Bringing the Food Economy Home: Local Alternatives to Global Agribusiness
by Helena Norberg-Hodge, Todd Merrifield, Steven Gorelick

Around the Roman Table: Food and Feasting in Ancient Rome
by Patrick Faas

Eat Your Genes:How Geneticaly Food is Entering Our Diet
by Stephen Nottingham


Eat My Words: Reading Women`s Lives through the Cookbooks They Wrote
by Janet Theophano

Food Science and Nutrition
by Dr. Bimal Kumar Kapoor

Trace Elements in Food
by Monier Williams

The History of Vegetarianism and Cow-Veneration in India
by Ludwig Alsdorf


Food Versus Fuel: An Informed Introduction to Biofuels
by Frank Rosillo-Calle and Francis X. Johnson

Sick Planet: Corporate Food and Medicine
by Stan Cox

The Slow Food Story: Politics & Pleasure
by Geoff Andrews

Food Culture in Colonial Asia: A Taste of Empire
by Cecilia Leong-Salobir


Plant Genetic Ressources and Food Security: Stakeholder Perspectives on the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture
by Christine Frison,Francisco Lopez and Jose T.Esquinas-Alcazar

Ending Hunger Worldwide
by George Kent

Food and Development
by E.M. Young

Food Chains: Quality, Safety and Efficiency in a Challenging World
by George Baourakis, Prodromos Kalaitzis & Konstadinos Mattas


Local Foods Meet Global Foodways: Tasting History
by Benjamin N. Lawrance and Caroyn De La Pena

The Sociology of Food and Agriculture
by Michael Carolan

Water Management, Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture in Developing Economics
by M. Dinesh Kumar, M.V.K. Sivamohan and Nitin Bassi

Plant Genetic Resources and Food Security: Stakeholder Perspectives on the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture
by Christine Frison, Francisco Lopez & Lose T. Esquinas- Alcazar


War, Agriculture, and Food: Rural Europe from the 1930s to the 1950s
by Paul Brassley, Yves Segers, and Leen Van Molle

The Rhetoric of Food: Discouse, Materiality, and Power
by Joshua J. Frye and Micahel S. Bruner

Diversifying Food and Diets: Using Agricultural Biodiversity to Improve Nutrition and health
by Jessica Fanzo, Danny Hunter, Teresa Borelli and Federico Mattei

Conversations on Consumption
by Jonathan E. Schroeder


The Atlas of Food: Who Eats What, Where, and Why
by Erik Millstone and Tim Lang

by Deborah Lupton

by John Coveney

The Water, Energy and Food Security Nexus: Lessons From India for Development
by M.Dinesh Kumar, Nitin Bassi, A.Narayanamoorthy and M.V.K.Sivamohan


Dodging Extinction: Power,Food,Money,and the Future of Life on Earth
by Anthony D.Barnosky

The Secret Financial Life of Food: From Commodities Markets to Supermarkets
by Kara Newman

Don`t Worry It`s Safe to Eat: The True Story of Gm Food, BSE And Mouth
by Andrew Rowell

Connecting Indian Wisdom and Western Science: Plant Usage for Nutrition and Health
by Luisella Verotta, Maria Pia Macchi & Padma Venkatasubramanian


Medieval Tastes: Food, Cooking and the Table
by Massimo Montanari

Philosophy Comes to Dinner: Arguments About the Ethics of Eating
by Andrew Chignell, Terence Cuneo and Matthew C.Halteman

Indigenous Fermented Foods of South Asia
by V.K. Joshi

Rice, Agriculture, and the Food Supply in Premodern Japan
by Charlotte Von Verschuer


Poultry Meat Processing
by Alan R. Sams



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