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Sikh History from Persian Sources: Translations of Major Texts
by J.S. Grewal, Irfan Habib

The Economic History of Medieval India: A Survey
by Irfan Habib

The Trading World of the Tamil Merchant: Evolution of Merchant Capitalism in the Coromandel
by Kanakalatha Mukund

Sunset at Srirangapatam: After the Death of Tipu Sultan
by Mohammad Moienuddin


Architecture in Medieval India: Forms, Contexts, Histories
by Monica Juneja

Persian Poetry at the Indian Frontier: Masud Sa`d Salman of Lahore
by Sunil Sharma

The Political Structure of Early Medieval South India
by Kesavan Veluthat

Land and Sovereignty in India: Agrarian Society and Politics Under the Eighteenth-Century Maratha Svarajya
by Andre Wink


Indian Religions: The Spiritual Traditions of South Asia
by Peter Heehs

Precolonial India in Practice: Society, Region and Identity in Medieval Andhra.
by Cynthia Talbot

The Terrorist Prince: The Life and Death of Murtaza Bhutto
by Raja Anwar

The Book of the Hunter
by Mahasweta Devi


India`s Islamic Traditions, 711-1750: Oxford in India Readings: Themes in Indian History
by Richard M. Eaton

Robes of Honour: Khil`at in Pre-Colonial and Colonial India
by Stewart Gordon

The Eighteenth Century in Indian History: Evolution or Revolution
by P.J. Marshall

Beyond Turk and Hindu: Rethinking Religious Identities in Islamicate South Asia
by David Gilmartin, Bruce B. Lawrence


Reports on India`s Power Sector

Hindu Kingship and Polity in Precolonial India
by Norbert Peabody

Ancient Indian Ports: With Special Reference to Maharashtra
by Sharad Hebalker

Agrarian System in Medieval India: Land Revenue Arrangements in Sarkar Shahabad (Bihar), 1734-1790
by Zahiruddin Malik


The Portuguese and the Socio-Cultural Changes in India, 1500-1800
by K.S. Mathew, Teotonio R. de Souza, Pius Malekandathil

The Portuguese, Indian Ocean and European Bridgeheads 1500-1800: Festschrift in Honour of Prof. K.S. Mathew
by Pius Malekandathil, Jamal Mohammad

Indian History: A Russian Viewpoint
by Eugenia Vanina

Prophecy Continuous: Aspects of Ahmadi Religious Thought and Its Medieval Background
by Yohanan Friedmann


The Ancient Chronology of Thar: The Bhattika, Lankika and Sindh Eras
by Anthony Gordon O`Brien

The Jahangirnama: Memoirs of Jahangir, Emperor of India
by Whealer M. Thackston

The Apparatus of Empire: Awards of Ranks, Offices and Titles to the Mughal Nobility 1574-1658
by M. Athar Ali

Glimpses of Indian Culture (History, Religion and Culture)
by Mohanlal Vidyarthi


Revealing India`s Past: A Co-operative Record of Archaeological Conservation and Exploration in India and Beyond
by John Cumming, K.C.I.E.

Medieval Deccan History: Commemoration Volume in Honour of Purshottam Mahadeo Joshi
by A. R. Kulkarni, M. A. Nayeem, T. R. de Souza

Political History of Carnatic Under the Nawabs
by N. S. Ramaswami

Shah Alam II and His Court: A Narrative of the Transactions at the Court of Delhy from the Year 1771 to the Present Time
by Antoine Louis Henri Polier


Qanun-I-Humayuni: (Also Known as Humayun Nama) of Khwandamir
by Baini Prashad

An Introduction to the Study of Indian History
by D.D. Kosambi

Situating the History of Science: Dialogues with Joseph Needham
by Irfan S. Habib, Dhruv Raina

The Mughal State 1526-1750
by Muzaffar Alam, Sanjay Subrahmanyam


Money and the Market in India 1100-1700
by Sanjay Subrahmanyam

Sinners and Saints: The Successors of Vasco da Gama
by Sanjay Subrahmanyam

The Career and Legend of Vasco Da Gama
by Sanjay Subrahmanyam

The Penguin History of Early India: From the Origins to AD 1300
by Romila Thapar



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