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Folk Tales of the Punjab: Told by the People
by Flora Anne Steel

Songs of Ecstasy: Tantric and Devotional Songs from Colonial Bengal
by Hugh B. Urban

The Mahabharata: As it was, is and ever shall be
by Rai Promatha Nath Mullick Bahadur

Rhetorics and Politics in Afghan Traditional Storytelling
by Margaret A. Milis


Representation and the Text: Reframing the Narrative Voice
by William G. Tierney, Yvonna S. Lincoln

Memory, Identity, Community: The Idea of Narrative in the Human Science
by Lewis P. Hinchman, Sandra K. Hinchman

The Other Side of the Story: Structures and Strategies of Contemporary Feminist Narrative
by Molly Hite

Marco Polo and the Discovery of the World
by John Larner


A Journey Without Cameras
by Reyhan Chaudhuri

Strangers in the Land: The Rise and Decline of the British Indian Empire
by Roderick Cavaliero

The Several Lives of a Victorian Vet
by Jean Ware, Hugh Hunt

Between the Cracks of History: Essays Teaching and Illustrating Folklore
by Francis E. Abernethy


Chronicles of Budgepore
by Iltudus Prichard

Independence to Globalization: An Indian Manager`s Journey
by Arabinda Ray

Nectar Gaze and Poison Breath: An Analysis and Translation of the Rajasthani Oral Narrative of Devnarayan
by Aditya Malik

Ctesias: On India: Introduction, Translation and Commentary
by Andrew Nichols


On The Move: The Journey of Refugees in New Literatures in English
by Geetha Ganapathy-Dore & Helga Ramsey-Kurz

Reconsidering a Lost Intellectual Project: Exiles` Reflections on Cultural Differences
by Carolina Rodriguez-Lopez & Jose M. Faraldo

Narrative is the Essence of History: Essays on the Historical Novel
by John Cameron

Laughter in the Trenches: Humour and Front Experience in German First World War Narratives
by Jakub Kazecki


Memory, Nationalism, and Narrative in Contemporary South Asia
by J. Edward Malllot

Shifting The Compass: Pluricontinental Connections in Dutch Colonial and Postcolonial Literature
by Jeroen Dewulf, Olf Praamstra and Michiel Van Kempen

The Setting Sun: A Memorir of Empire and Family Secrets
by Bart Moore-Gilbert

Memories of Life in Lhasa Under Chinese Rule
by Tubten Khetsun


Perspective Travel Writing
by Glenn Hooper and Tim Youngs

Workplace Learning in Physical Education: Emerging Teachers` Stories From the Staffroom and Beyond
by Tony Rossi, Iisahunter, Erin Christensen and Doune Macdonald

Analyzing Social Narratives
by Shaul R.Shenhav

Narrative Theory, Literature, and New Media: Narrative Minds and Virtual Worlds
by Mari Hatavara, Matti Hyvarinen, Maria Makela, and Frans Mayra


Tourist Attractions From Object to Narrative
by Johan R. Edelheim

The History And Narrative Reader
by Geoffrey Roberts

Recognition in the Arabic narrative Tradition: Discovery, Deliverance and Delusion
by Philip F. Kennedy



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