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Draupadi among Rajputs, Muslims and Dalits: Rethinking India`s Oral and Classical Epics
by Alf Hiltebeitel

Urban Roots of Indian Nationalism: Pressure Groups and Conflict of Interests in Calcutta City, Politics, 1875-1939
by Rajat Ray

Engaging Scoundrels: True Tales of Old Lucknow
by Rosie Llewellyn-Jones

Folklore of the Telugus: A Collection of Forty Two Highly Amusing and Instructive Tales
by G.R. Subramaniah Pantulu


Tales from Indian History
by J. Talboys Wheeler

A Study of Selected Puranic Legend
by Siddheswar Jena

Concise Ram Katha: Being the Translation of Deen Ke Ram, Deen Ki Ramayan
by Lallan Prasad Vyas

Folk Tales of the Punjab: Told by the People
by Flora Anne Steel


Songs of Ecstasy: Tantric and Devotional Songs from Colonial Bengal
by Hugh B. Urban

Proverbs and Folklore of Kumaun and Garhwal
by Pandit Ganga Datt Upreti

The Thief of Love: Bengali Tales from Court and Village
by Edward C. Dimock

The Hundred Thousand Fools of God: Muscial Travels in Central Asia
by Theodore Levin


Glimpses of World History: Being Further Letters to his Daughter Written in Prison, and Containing a Rambling Account of History
by Jawaharlal Nehru

Eternal Ramayana: The Ramayana of Tulsidas
by F.S. Growse

Lao Ramayana: Gvay Dvorahbi: Rendering into English from "Lav" Language: A Comparative Study
by Sachidanand Sahai

Padumavati: A Linguistic Study of the 16th Century Hindi (Avadhi)
by Lakshmi Dhar


Third-class Ticket
by Heather Wood

Adhyatma Ramayana
by Ramjung Bahadur Singh

Fate, Predestination and Human Action in the Mahabharata: A Study in the History of Ideas
by Peter Hill

Concept of Dharma in Valmiki Ramayana
by B. Khan


Madhya Kandali Ramayana: Composed in Assamese by Sage Madhava Kandali: Tr in to English (2 Parts, Set)
by Shanti Lal Nagar

Lessons from Mahabharata
by G.N. Das

The Society of Ramayana
by Ananda P. Guruge

Ramayanam as told by Valmiki and Kamban
by K.S. Srinivasan


Rama-Legends and Rama-Reliefs in Indonesia
by Willem Stutterheim

Ravana and Lanka
by R.K. Ramakrishnan

Duel in the Snows: The True Story of the Younghusband Mission to Lhasa
by Charles Allen

Ramayana Tradition in Eastern India Assam, Bengal and Orissa
by W.L. Smith


Prakrit Narrative Literature: Origin and Growth
by Jagdishchandra Jain

Complete Works of Goswami Tulsidas Vol.I: Ramacharitmanasa
by S.P. Bahadur

Ramayana in Regional Languages Series, Vol.II: Ramavataracarita
by Shanti Lal Nagar

Pattole Palame
by Nadikerianda Chinappa


Baital Pachchisi
by John Platts

Meghadoot of Kalidasa
by M.R. Kale

Jatakamala: Stories from the Buddha`s Previous Births
by A.N.D. Haksar

Rajasthan: An Oral History: Conservations with Komal Kothari
by Rustom Bharucha


Sekasubhodaya of Halayudha Misra
by Sukumar Sen

Creating Histories: Oral Narratives and the Politics of History-Making
by Wendy Singer

`Essayez` The Memoirs of Lawrence, Second Marquess of Zetland

From Minnie, With Love: The Letters of a Victorian Lady 1849-1861
by Jane Vansittart



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