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Sri Lankan Theater in a Time of Terror: Political Satire in a Permitted Space.
by Ranjini Obeyesekere

All You Want is Money, All You Need is Love: Sexuality and Romance in Modern India
by Rachel Dwyer

National Identity in Indian Popular Cinema 1947-1987
by Sumita S. Chakravarty

Giving Away the Girl and Other Plays
by Malini Bhattacharya


The Cooking of Music and Other Essays
by Sheila Dhar

Charandas Chor
by Habib Tanvir

Navam and the Karnatak Group Krtis
by Leela Omcheri, N.K. Padma Varma

Rama Stories and Shadow Puppets: Kampan`s Ramayana in Performance
by Stuart Blackburn


Oh Terrifying Mother: Sexuality, Violence and Worship of the Goddess Kali
by Sarah Caldwell

Networking of Organisations Working for Care of Older Persons in Mumbai: Issues and Implications
by S. Siva Raju

by Vijay Tendulkar

The Legend of Nandan: Nandan Kathai
by Indira Parthasarathy


Time in Indian Music: Rhythm, Metre, and Form in North Indian Rag Performance
by Martin Clayton

Mitrachi Goshta: A Friend`s Story: A Play in Three Acts
by Vijay Tendulkar

The Illustrated Companion to South Indian Classical Music
by Ludwig Pesch

Indian Music and the West
by Gerry Farrell


A Critical Edition of the Malatimadhava
by Michael Coulson

The Fire and the Rain
by Girish Karnad

Hours in the Dark: Essays on Cinema
by T.G. Vaidyanathan

Here`s Someone I`d Like You to Meet: Tales of Innocents, Musicians and Bureucrats
by Sheila Dhar


Gender, Race, Renaissance Drama
by Ania Loomba

Beyond the Land of Hattamala and Scandal in Fairyland
by Badal Sircar

Ageing and Human Development
by Ishwar Modi

Three Plays
by Rabindranath Tagore


Cinema of Interruptions: Action Genres in Contemporary Indian Cinema
by Lalitha Gopalan

The Singer and the Song: Conversations with Women Musicians
by C.S. Lakshmi

Song Sung True: A Memoir
by Malka Pukhraj

Born to Dance
by Harriet Ronken Lynton


Journey with a Hundred Strings: My Life in Music
by Shiv Kumar Sharma, Ina Puri

Raga Mala: The Autobiography of Ravi Shankar
by George Harrison

Indian Music: An Introduction
by D. P. Mukherji

Our Films Their Films
by Satyajit Ray


Ashok Kumar: His Life and Times
by Nabendu Ghosh

Bhimsen Joshi: A Biography
by Mohan Nadkarni

Living Idioms in Hindustani Music: A Dictionary of Terms and Terminology
by Pandit Amarnath

Encyclopaedia of Hindi Cinema
by Gulzar, Govind Nihalani & Saibal Chatterjee


Nautch Girls of India: Dancers, Singers, Playmates
by Pran Nevile

Bhatkhande`s Contribution to Music
by Sobhana Nayar

Indian Musical Traditions: An Aesthetic Study of the Gharanas in Hindustani Music
by Vamanrao H. Deshpande

Shrikrishna Narayan Ratanjankar `Sujan`: A Many-splendoured Genius
by Sumati Mutatkar



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