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Balancing the Load: Women, Gender and Transport
by Priyanthi Fernando & Gina Porter

Postmodern Environmental Ethics
by Max Oelschlaeger

Regarding Nature: Industrialism and Deep Ecology
by Andrew McLaughlin

Archaeology of Indian Musical Instruments
by K. Krishna Murthy


The Theatre of Kanhailal: Pebet and Memoirs of Africa
by Rustom Bharucha

by Kapila Vatsyayan

The Music and Musical Instruments of Southern India and the Deccan
by C.R. Day

Vastu Sastram: Silpa Sastram - A Sansrit Treatise on Ancient Indian Architecture
by Bauri Maharana


Ghunyatu`l Munya: The Earliest Persian Work on Indian Classical Music
by Shahab Sarmadee

Blind Age (Andha Yug)
by Dharamavir Bharati

The Great Ascent: The Rural Poor in South Asia
by Inderjit Singh

Microfinance and Poverty Alleviation: Case Studies from Asia and the Pacific
by Joe Remenyi, Benjamin Quinones


Invented Moralities: Sexual Values in an Age of Uncertainty
by Jeffrey Weeks

Theatres of the Mind: Revolutions and British Drama
by Behzad Ghaderi

The Great Ones: Vol. 1
by V.K. Subramanian

The Indian Theatre
by Chandra Bhan Gupta


The Music of Hindustan
by A.H. Fox-Strangways

Psychoanalysis, Feminism and the Future of Gender
by Joseph H. Smith, Afaf M. Mahfouz

Nandikesvara Abhinayadarpanam: A Manual of Gesture and Posture used in Ancient Indian Dance and Drama
by Manmohan Ghosh

Towards a Revolutionary Theatre
by Utpal Dutt


Feng Shui Today: Theory Background History
by Jami Lin

Raigarh Darbar: Its History, Culture and Dance Tradition
by P.D. Ashirwadam

Hindustani Lyrics: Rendered from the Urdu
by Inayat Khan, Jessie Duncan Westbrook

It takes a Nation: A New Agenda for Fighting Poverty
by Rebecca M. Blank


Culture and Enterprise: The Development, Representation and Morality of Business
by Don Lavoie, Emily Chamlee-Wright

The Reality of Aid 1998/1999: An Independent Review of Poverty REduction and Development Assistance
by Judith Randel, Tony German

Poverty or Development: Global Restructuring and Regional Transformations in the U.S. South and the Mexican South
by Richardm Tardanico, Mark B. Rosenberg

Marxism`s Ethical Thinkers
by Lawrence Wilde


Ghunyat-ul Munya: The Earliest Known Persian Work on Indian Music
by Shahab Sarmadee

The Encyclopedia of Murder and Mystery
by Bruce F. Murphy

Modern French Grammar: A Practical Guide
by Margaret Lang, Isabelle Perez

The New European Criminology: Crime and Social Order in Europe
by Vincenzo Ruggiero, Nigel South, Ian Taylor


Facing the Mirror: Older Women and Beauty Shop Culture
by Frida Kerner Furman

War on the Homefront: An Examination of Wife Abuse
by Shawn D. Haley, Ellie Braun-Haley

Environmental Discourse and Practice: A Reader
by Lisa M. Benton, John Rennie Short

Time of Our Lives: The Science of Human Aging
by Tom Kirkwood


Saints and Virtues
by John Stratton Hawley

Other Ways of Growing Old: Anthropological Perspectives
by Pamela T. Amoss, Stevan Harrell

Decoding the Cultural Stereo Types About Aging: New Perspectives on Aging Talk and Aging Issues
by Evelyn M. O`Reilly

Economists and the Environment
by Carla Ravaioli



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