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Records 1 to 40 of 1931

Reports on India`s Power Sector

Commodities and the Third World
by Goutam K. Sarkar

Antarctic Security in the Twenty-First Century: Legal and Policy Perspective
by Alan D. Hemmings, Donald R. Rothwell and Karen N. Scott

The Imam and the Indian: Prose Pieces
by Amitav Ghosh


Market or Government Failures?: An Asian Perspective
by A.S. Bhalla

State, Society and the Environment in South Asia
by Stig Toft Madsen

Science and Power in Colonial Mauritius
by William Kelleher Storey

Modernisation of Indian Sugar Industry
by J.K. Gehlawat


Economic Reforms and Poverty Alleviation in India
by C.H. Hanumantha Rao, Hans Linneman

IRDP and Poverty Alleviation
by Sandeep Joshi

Police, Crime and Human Rights
by Radha Kalyani

A Fiscal Domain for Panchayats
by Indira Rajaraman


Reintegrating India: With the World Economy
by T.N. Srinivasan, Suresh D. Tendulkar

Towards a Food Secure India: Issues and Policies
by S. Mahendra Dev, K.P. Kannan, Nira Ramachandran

Improving People`s Lives: Lessons in Empowerment from Asia
by Mukul Sharma

Gap Between Needs and Resources of Panchayats in India: A Study of Saharanpur District (UP)
by Mahi Pal


The Nature of Party Government: A Comparative European Perspective
by Jean Blondel, Maurizio Cotta

Policy Documents of the Government of India: A Reader for Understanding Policies that Determine the Lives of Millions of Citizens
by Prakash Louis

Indian Economic Reforms
by Raghbendra Jha

Empowerment and Social Governance
by Rashmi Pathak


Public Governance and Decentralisation: Essays in Honour of T.N. Chaturvedi, 2 Vols
by S.N. Mishra, Anil Dutta Mishra, Sweta Mishra

Financial Sector Reforms and India`s Econmic Development (2 Vols. Set)
by N.A. Majumdar

The Steel Industry of India
by William a. Johnson

The Quest for Economic Stabilisation: The IMF and the Third World
by Tony Killick


Quiet Crisis in India: Economic Development and American Policy
by John P. Lewis

Agricultural Development in India`s Districts
by Dorris D. Brown

In Defense of the Irrational Peasant: Indian Agriculture after the Green Revolution
by Kusum Nair

The Indus Rivers: A Study of the Effects of Partition
by Aloys Arthur Michel


Public Policy in India: Some Emerging Concerns

The Emerging Power: Women in the Indo-Dutch Water Supply and Sanitation Projects: An Overview of a Policy Put on an Operational Footing

Urban Politics in India: Area, Power, and Policy in a Penetrated System
by Rodney W. Jones

The Great Ascent: The Rural Poor in South Asia
by Inderjit Singh


Planning for Education in Pakistan: A Personal Case Study
by Adam Curle

Towards a World Without AIDS: International Policymakers Conference on HIV/AIDS, May 10-12, 2002, New Delhi, India

Health Care Policies and Programmes
by S.L. Goel

India: Ministry of Planning Commission: Report the Expert Group on Estimation of Proportion and Number of Poor


Banking and Development Finance: New Vistas
by G.S.Batra & R.C.Dangwal

Economic Planning: Formulation and Implementation (2 Vols. Set)
by D. Thakur

Economic Policy of Jawaharlal Nehru
by N. Maheswari

India`s Export Performance: Factors Influencing Exports and Policy Directions
by R.S. Tiwari



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