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50 Years of India China: Crossing a Bridge of Dreams
by G.P. Deshpande, Alka Acharya

Defying Death: Struggles Against Imperialism and Feudalism
by Maya Gupta, Amit Kumar Gupta

Memoirs of an Unrepentant Communist
by A.S.R. Chari

Slender Was the Thread: Kashmir Confrontation 1947-48.
by L.P. Sen


Religion Under Bureaucracy: Policy and Administration for Hindu Temples in South India
by Franklin A. Presler

The British Raj and the Indian Princes: Paramountcy in Western India 1857-1930
by Ian Copland

Language Politics, Elites, and the Public Sphere: Western India Under Colonialism
by Veena Naregal

The Political Evolution of Muslims in Tamilnadu and Madras 1930-1947.
by J.B.P. More


Azad Hind: Writings and Speeches 1941-1943: Vol. 11
by Subhas Chandra BoseBose, Sisir K. and Sugata Bose

Land and Sovereignty in India: Agrarian Society and Politics Under the Eighteenth-Century Maratha Svarajya
by Andre Wink

The Self in Secularism
by Badr-ud-din Tyabji

History and the Present
by Partha Chatterjee, Anjan Ghosh


Rajagopalachari: A Biography
by C.R. Narasimhan

Scarred Minds: The Psychological Impact of War on Sri Lankan Tamils
by Daya Somasundaram

The State and the Poor: Public Policy and Political Development in India and the United States.
by John Echeverri-gent

Struggle for Hegemony in India 1920-47: Volume I 1920-34
by Shashi Joshi


South Asian Strategic Issues: Sri Lankan Perspectives.
by Shelton Kodikara

Sri Lankan Theater in a Time of Terror: Political Satire in a Permitted Space.
by Ranjini Obeyesekere

Silenced Rivers: The Ecology and Politics of Large Dams
by Patrick Mccully

Jharkhand: Politics of Development and Identity
by Amit Prakash


Situating Social History: Orissa (1800-1997)
by Biswamoy Pati

Women, Democracy and the Media: Cultural and Political Representations in the Indian Press.
by Sonia Bathla

The Reason of Metaphor: A Study in Politics.
by Donald F. Miller

The Rediscovery of India: A New Subcontinent.
by Ansar Hussain Khan


Marginal Players in Marginal Assemblies: The Indian MLA.
by Vir Chopra

Readings in Political Economy.
by K.S. Chalam

Social Ferment in India
by Alexandra George

Securing India`s Future in the New Millennium
by Brahma Chellaney


Nation and National Identity in South Asia.
by S.L. Sharma, T.K. Oommen

Workers and Automation: The Impact of New Technology in the Newspaper Industry.
by Ranabir Samaddar

Communication for Development in the Third World: Theory and Practice for Empowerment
by Srinivas R. Melkote, H. Leslie Steeves

Power Politics & Social Justice: Backward Castes in Karnataka.
by G. Thimmaiah


Pangs of Proximity: India and Sri Lanka`s Ethnic Crisis.
by S.D. Muni

On the National and Colonial Questions: Selected Writings: Edited with an Introduction by Aijaz Ahmad.
by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels

Return from Exile: Alternative Sciences the Illegitimacy of Nationalism
by Ashis Nandy

Power and Justice: The State in Industrial Relations.
by E.A. Ramaswamy


Reinventing India: Liberalization, Hindu Nationalism and Popular Democracy
by Stuart Corbridge and John Harriss

Plantation, Production and Political Power: Plantation Development in South West India 1743-1963.
by Paul Erik Baak

Public Faces, Private Voices: Community and Individuality in South India.
by Mattison Mines

The Problem of Change: A Study of North-East India
by B.P. Singh



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