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Records 1 to 40 of 948

Sufi Ritual: The Parallel Universe
by Ian Richard Netton

Sufis and Anti-Sufis: The Defective, Rethinking and Rejection of Sufism in the Modern World
by Elizabeth Sirriyeh

Tales From the Masnavi
by A.J. Arberry

Beyond Faith and Infidelity: The Sufi Poetry and Teachings of Mahmud Shabstarii
by Leonard Lewisohn


Radhasoami Reality: The Logic of a Modern Faith
by Mark Juergensmeyer

An Historical Atlas of Islam
by Hugh Kennedy

Religion and Nationalism in India: The Case of The Punjab
by Harnik Deol

Religion and Personal Law in Secular India: A Call to Judgment
by Gerald James Larson


Gendering the Spirit: Women, Religion and the Post-Colonial Response
by Durre S. Ahmed

The Hagiographies of Anantadas: The Bhakti Poets of North India
by Winand M. Callewaert

The Righteous Demon: A Study of Bali
by Clifford Hospital

Protestant Origins in India: Tamil Evangelical Christians, 1706-1835
by D. Dennis Hudson


Pilgrimage in Tibet
by Alex Mckay

A Popular Dictionary of Islam
by Ian Richard Netton

Sikh Religion, Culture and Ethnicity
by Christopher Shackle

Sir John Woodroffe, Tantra and Bengal: `An Indian Soul in a European Body?
by Kathleen Taylor


Spirited Women: Gender, Religion and Cultural Identity in the Nepal Himalaya
by Joanne C. Watkings

Embodying Charisma: Modernity, Locality and the Performance of Emotion in Sufi Cults
by Pnina Werbner, Helene Basu

A Popular Dictionary of Hinduism
by Karel Werner

The Rishi of Bangladesh: A History of Christian Dialogues
by Cosimo Zane


Imams and Emirs: State, Religion and Sects in Islam
by Fuad I. Khuri

Christians, Cultural Interactions, and India`s Religious Traditions
by Judith M. Brown, Rober Eric Eric Frykenberg

Female Ascetics: Hierarchy and Purity in an Indian Religious Movement
by Wendy Sinclair-Brull

Brahman: A Comparative Theology
by Michael W. Myers


Muslims & Missionaries in Pre-Mutiny India
by Avrill Ann Powell

The Christians of Pakistan: The Passion of Bishop John Joseph
by Linda S. Walbridge

Religion and Politics in Pakistan
by Leonard Binder

The Blackwell Companion to Hinduism
by Gavin Flood


Ramopakhyana the Story of Rama in the Mahabharata: An Independent-Study Reader in Sanskrit
by Peter Scharf

Sufism Music and Society: In Turkey and the Middle East
by Anders Hammerlund, Tord Olsson, Elisabeth Ozdalga

Ismaili Hymns from South Asia: An Introduction to the Ginans
by Christopher Shackle, Zawahir Moir

Isma`il Sidqi 1875-1950: Pragmatism and Vision in Twentieth Century Egypt
by Malak Badrawi


Naqshbandis: In Western and Central Asia: Change and Continuity
by Elisabeth Ozdalga

The Poetics of Devotion: The Gujarati Lyrics of Dayaram
by Rachel Dwyer

Taha Husain`s Education: From the Azhar to the Sorbonne
by Abdelrashid Mahmoudi

Living Zoroastrianism: Urban Parsis Speak About their Religion
by Philip G. Kreyenbroek


After Atheism: Religion and Ethnicity in Russia and Central Asia
by David C. Lewis

Suhrawardi and the School of Illumination
by Mehdi Amin Razavi

The Biographical Tradition in Sufism: The tabaqat genre from al-Sulami to Jami
by Jawid A. Mojaddedi

The Concept of Sainthood in Early Islamic Mysticism
by Bernd Radtke, John O`Kane



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