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Dimension of Religion, Magic and Festivals of Indian Tribe: The Munda
by Karma Oraon

Sufi Ritual: The Parallel Universe
by Ian Richard Netton

The Hinduism Omnibus: Hinduism; A Religion to by, Hinduism; The Anthropology of a Civilization, Mind body and Wealth, Non Renunciation.
by Nirad C. Chaudhuri, Madeleine Biardeau, D.F. Pocock, T.N. Madan

Lord of the Dance: The Mani Rimdu Festival in Tibet and Nepal
by Richard J. Kohn


Rhetoric and Ritual in Colonial India: The Shaping of a Public Culture in Surat City, 1852-1928
by Douglas E Haynes

Wooden Temples of Himachal Pradesh
by Mian Goverdhan Singh

Fairs and Festivals
by Uma Vasudev

India`s Jewish Heritage: Ritual, Art and Life-Cycle
by Shalva Weil


Structure and Cognition: Aspects of Hindu Caste and Ritual
by Veena Das

Puja and Samskara
by Shoun Hino

The Sraddha: The Hindu Book of the Dead: A Treatise on the Sraddha Ceremonies
by R.C. Prasad

The Vivaha: The Hindu Marriage Samkaras
by R.C. Prasad


Upanayana: The Hindu Ceremonies of the Sacred Thread
by R.C. Prasad

A Dictionary of the Vedic Rituals: Based on the Srauta and Grhya Sutras
by Chitrabhanu Sen

Reflections on Resemblance, Ritual and Religion
by Brian K. Smith

Rituals and Mantras: Rules Without Meaning
by Frits Staal


Food from the Mouth of Krishna: Feasts and Festivities in a North Indian Pilgrimage Centre
by Paul M. Toomy

Hindu Holidays and Ceremonials
by B.A. Gupte

Faiths, Fairs and Festivals of India
by C.H. Buch

Cooking the World: Ritual & Thought in Ancient India
by Charles Malamoud


Hindu Feasts Fasts & Ceremonies
by Jayshree Sarkar

Hindu-Buddhist Festivals of Nepal
by Hemanta K. Jha

Vasantotsava: The Spring Festivals of India: Texts and Traditions
by Leona M. Anderson

Festivals and Rituals at Tirumala Temple
by M.S. Ramesh


Festivals, Fairs and Customs of Himachal Pradesh
by Mian Goverdhan Singh

The Book of Hindu Festivals and Ceremonies (sec.rev.enl.edn.)
by Om Lata Bahadur

Sri Venkateshwara Swamy Tirumala: Worship, Utsavams & Festivals
by P.D. Sitapati

Hindu Feasts Fasts and Ceremonies
by S.M. Natesa Sastri


Ceremonies and Festivals: Vedic Rituals
by Ram Chand Mahajan

Kali Puja
by Satyananda Saraswati

Festivals, Fairs and Fasts of India (2nd edn.)
by Shakti M. Gupta

Festivals of India
by Shobhna Gupta


Encyclopaedia of Fairs and Festivals in India
by Soma Deb, B. Sinha

The Daily Practice of the Hindus: Containing the Morning and Midday Duties
by Srisa Chandra Vasu

Celebrations: Festive Days of India
by Vimla Patil

Marriage Rituals and Songs of Bengal: (With Staff Notations)
by Buddhadev Roy


Poya Days
by M. Musaeus Higgins

Qanoon E-Islam, or the Customs of the Mussulmans of India
by Jaffur Shurreef, G.A. Herklots

Kalyan`a Shat`anku Or, The Marriage Ceremonies of the Hindus of South India
by J.F. Kearns

Recollections of India with Observations on the Origin Customs and Moral Sentiments of the Hindoos and Remarks on the Country, and Principal Places...
by William Buyers



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