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Women, Body, Desire in Post-Colonial India: Narratives of Gender and Sexuality.
by Jyoti Puri

Dust on the Road: The Activist Writings of Mahasweta Devi
by Mahasweta Devi

Bharatiya Prachin Lipimala: The Palaeography of India
by Gaurishankar Hirachand Ojha

The Imperial Monetary System of Mughal India
by John F. Richards


Feminist Politics & Human Nature
by Alison M.Jaggar

Contemporary U.S.-Latin American Relations: Cooperation or Conflict in the 21st Century?
by Jorge I. Dominguez and Ragael Fernandez de Castro

Religion and Personal Law in Secular India: A Call to Judgment
by Gerald James Larson

The Currencies of the Hindu States of Rajputana
by William Wilfred Webb


Indian Numismatics
by D.D. Kosambi

Of Woman Caste: The Experience of Gender in Rural India
by Anjali Bagwe

Identity and Identification in India: Defining the Disadvantaged
by Laura Dudley Jenkins

Is the Goddess a Feminist: The Politics of South Asian Goddesses
by Alf Hiltebeite, Kathleen M. Erndl


The White Woman`s Other Burden: Western Women and South Asia During British Rule
by Kumari Jayawardena

Balancing the Load: Women, Gender and Transport
by Priyanthi Fernando & Gina Porter

Southeast Asia in the Age of Commerce 1450-1680, Voluem Two: Expansion and Crisis
by Anthony Reid

Embodying Charisma: Modernity, Locality and the Performance of Emotion in Sufi Cults
by Pnina Werbner, Helene Basu


The Rishi of Bangladesh: A History of Christian Dialogues
by Cosimo Zane

A Pageant of Indian Culture: Art and Archaeology (Set in 2 Vols.)
by A. K. Bhattacharyya

The Coinage of Northern India: The Early Rajaputana Dyansties from the 11th to the 13th Centuries A.D.
by P. C. Roy

Encyclopedia of Human Rights (2nd edn.)
by Edward Lawson


Women and Work in South Asia: Regional Patterns and Perspectives
by Saraswati Raju & Deipica Bagchi

Sassanian Coins
by W.H. Valentine

The Coinage of Ancient India: Punch-Marked, Local, Tribal, Indo-Greek, Saka, Pahlava, Kushana, Satavahana and Gupta Coins
by S.R. Goyal

Ancient Indian Numismatics: A Historiographical Study
by Shankar Goyal


The Coins and Tokens of the British Empire
by James Atkins

Nana on Lion: A Study in Kushana Numismatic Art
by B.N. Mukherjee

The Dynastic Coins of Ancient India
by S.R. Goyal

The Khudnawisht Sawanih Hayat-I-Nassakh: Autobiography of Abdul Ghafur Nassakh
by Abdus Subhan


The Indica of Megasthenes: Its Contents and Reliability
by S.R. Goyal

Evidence of Geometry in Indus Valley Civilization 2500-1500B.C.: Principles of Seal Design and Signs
by Parveen Talpur

Traders and Raiders: On China`s Northern Frontier
by Jenny F. So, Emma C. Bunker

Readings in Renaissance Women`s Drama: Criticism, History and Performance 1594-1998
by S.P. Cerasano, Marion Wynne-Davies


Kusana Coins and History
by Parmeshwari Lal Gupta, Sarojini Kulashreshtha

Ancient Indian Coinage: A Systematic Study of Money Economy from Janapada Period to Early Medieval Period (600 BC to AD 1200)
by Rekha Jain

Facets of Indian Civilization: Recent Perspectives: Essays in Honour of Prof. B.B. Lal (3 Vols. Set)
by Jagat Pati Joshi

Foreign Elements in Ancient Indian Society: 2nd Century B.C to 7th Century AD
by Uma Prasad Thapliyal


Social and Religious Aspects in Bengal Inscriptions
by Ratikanta Tripathi

Curry and Rice on Forty Plates: The Ingredients of Social Life at "Our Station" in India
by George Francklin Atkinson

The Roots of Bengali Culture
by Samaren Roy

Community, Gender and Violence: Subaltern Studies XI
by Partha Chatterjee, P. Jaganathan



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