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Inventing Subjects: Studies in Hegemony, Patriarchy and Colonialism.
by Himani Bannerji

Indias Socio-economic Database: Surveys of Selected Areas
by C.P. Chandrasekhar and Jandhyala B.G. Tilak

Social and Economic Security in India.
by S. Mahendra Dev, Piush Antony, V. Gayathri, R.P. Mamgain

Divine Affairs: Religion, Pilgrimage and the State in Colonial and Postcolonial India.
by Ishita Banerjee Dube


Social Change in Modern India
by M.N. Srinivas

A Sourcebook of Indian Civilization
by Niharranjan Ray et al

Health and Population in South Asia: From Earliest Times to the Present
by Sumit Guha

Dishonoured by History: Criminal Tribes and British Colonial Policy
by Meena Radhakrishna


Subaltern Studies XI: Community, Gender and Violence
by Partha Chatterjee, Pradeep Jeganathan

The Ulama of Farangi Mahall and Islamic Culture in South Asia
by Francis Robinson

Water for Pabolee: Stories About People and Development in the Himalayas
by Robert C. Alter

Problems of Muslim Women in India
by Asghar Ali Engineer


The Vedic People: Their History and Geography
by Rajesh Kochhar

Woman and Empire: Representations in the Writings of British India (1858-1900)
by Indrani Sen

Anthropologist Among the Marxists and Other Essays
by Ramachandra Guha

History and the Present
by Partha Chatterjee, Anjan Ghosh


Small Business Entrepreneurs in Asia and Europe: Towards a Comparative Perspective
by Mario Rutten, Carol Upadhya

Reproduction in Education, Society And Culture
by Pierre Bourdieu, Jean-claude Passeron

Translation, Text and Theory: The Paradigm of India.
by Rukmini Bhaya Nair

Regulating Reproduction in India`s Population: Efforts, Results, and Recommendations.
by K. Srinivasan


The State and the Poor: Public Policy and Political Development in India and the United States.
by John Echeverri-gent

Tradition Pluralism and Identity: In Honour of T N Madan.
by Veena Das et al.

Managing Development: Decentralisation, Geographical Socialism and Urban Replication.
by P.V. Indiresan

Television & Social Change in Rural India.
by Kirk Johnson


Second Language Acquisition: Socio-cultural and Linguistic Aspects of English in India.
by R.K. Agnihotri, A.l. Khanna

Systemic Sociology
by Ramkrishna Mukherjee

Shifting Circles of Support: Contextualising Kinship and Gender in South Asia and Sub-saharan Africa
by Rajni Palriwala, Carla Risseeuw

Redefining Conservatism: An Essay on the Bias of India`s Economic Reform.
by Narendar Pani


Rethinking Rural Poverty: Bangladesh as a Case Study.
by Hossain Zillur Rahman and Mahabub Hossain

The Reason of Metaphor: A Study in Politics.
by Donald F. Miller

Social Structure and Change: Religion and Kinship, Volume 5.
by A.M. Shah, B.S. Baviskar, E.A. Ramaswamy

Women and Kinship: Comparative Perspectives on Gender in South and South-East Asia.
by Leela Dube


Women and Fertility in Bangladesh.
by Alia Ahmad

Marginal Players in Marginal Assemblies: The Indian MLA.
by Vir Chopra

Socialisation, Education and Women: Explorations in Gender Identity
by Karuna Chanana

Social Ferment in India
by Alexandra George


Nation and National Identity in South Asia.
by S.L. Sharma, T.K. Oommen

Science Communication and Development.
by J.V. Vilanilam

Television in Contemporary Asia
by David French, Michael Richards

Power Politics & Social Justice: Backward Castes in Karnataka.
by G. Thimmaiah



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