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Records 1 to 40 of 1845

Birsa Munda and his Movement (1872-1901): A Study of a Millenarian Movement in Chotanagpur
by K.S. Singh

Dust on the Road: The Activist Writings of Mahasweta Devi
by Mahasweta Devi

People of India: Sikkim (Vol. XXXIX)
by K.S. Singh

People of India: Mizoram (Vol. XXXIII)
by K.S. Singh


The Shompen: A Vanishing Tribe of the Great Nicobar Island
by S.N.H. Rizvi

Dimension of Religion, Magic and Festivals of Indian Tribe: The Munda
by Karma Oraon

People of India: Assam: Volume XV: Part I & II
by K.S. Singh

Epidemics and History: Disease, Power and Imperialism
by Sheldon Watts


The Great Hedge of India
by Roy Moxham

India`s Preferential Policies: Migrants, the Middle Classes and Ethnic Equality
by Myron Weiner, Mary Fainsod Katzenstein

Imperilled Frontiers: India`s North-Eastern Border Lands
by Nari Rustomji

The Hazaras of Afghanistan: An Historical, Cultural, Economic and Political Study
by S.A. Mousavi


Sonthalia and the Sonthals
by E.G. Man

Tribal Medicine: Traditional Practices and Changes in Sikkim
by J.J. Roy Burman

Silenced Rivers: The Ecology and Politics of Large Dams
by Patrick McCully

Memorial Stones: A Study of Their Origin, Significance and Variety
by S. Settar, Gunther D. Sontheimer


Kirata-Jana-Krti: The Indo-Mongoloids: The Contribution to the History and Culture of India
by Suniti Kumar Chatterji

The Brahmaputra
by Arup Kumar Dutta

The Annexation of Assam (1824-1854)
by I.B. Banerjee

British Relations with the Hill Tribes of Assam Since 1858
by Birendra Chandra Chakravorty


Seeking Bauls of Bengal
by Jeanne Openshaw

Rites of Passage: Border Crossings, Imagined Homelands, India`s East and Bangladesh
by Sanjoy Hazarika

Ethnology of India
by R.G. Latham

Glimpses of the Indian Tribal Life
by D.P.S. Khanna


Ashes in the Seas: A Novel
by Srutimala Duara

Maya`s Party: A Novel
by Srutimala Duara

The Toda People of South India: Between Tradition and Modernity
by Anthony R. Walker

Muslims in Assam Politics
by M. Kar


Ethnicity and Autonomy Movement: Case of Bodo-Kacharis of Assam
by Chandana Bhattacharjee

Socio-Cultural Aspects of Assam in the 19th Century
by Prosenjit Chowdhury

Verrier Elwin Philanthropologist Selected Writings
by Nari Rustomji

A Santal Dictionary ( 7 Parts in 5 Vols. Set)
by P.O. Bodding


Santal Folk Tales (3 Vols. Set)
by P.O. Bodding

Encyclopaedia Mundarica (16 Vols. Set)
by John Hoffmann, Arthur Van Emelen

Insurgent North-Eastern Region of India
by R. Gopalakrishnan

A Mundari English Dictionary
by Manindra Bhusan Bhaduri


State Formation Among Tribals: A Quest for Santal Identity
by A B Chaudhuri

Santali: A Look into Santal Morphology
by Arun Ghosh

Folklore of Tribal Communities: Oral Literature of the Santals, Kharias, Oraons and the Mundas of Orissa
by Nityananda Patnaik

Folklore of the Santal Parganas
by Cecil Henry Bompas



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