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The Guru Granth Sahib: Its Physics and Metaphysics
by Guninder Kaur

Sikh History and Religion in the Twentieth Century
by Joseph T. O' Connell, Milton Israel and Willard G. Oxtoby (eds.)

Imperial India: An Artist`s Journals 1876-1877
by Val C. Princep

The Middle Class in Colonial Malabar: A Social History
by Sreejith K.


Mesmerism in India and Its Practical Application in Surgery and Medicine
by James Esdaile

The Heritage of the Sikhs
by Harbans Singh

Sir Henry Lawrence: The Pacificator
by Lieut. General J.J. Mcleod Innes

Social Aspects of Health, Medicine and Disease in the Colonial and Post-Colonial Era
by Henk Menke, Jane Buckingham, Farzana Gounder, Ashutosh Kumar and Maurits S. Hassankhan (Eds.)


Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu and South India under French Rule: From Francois Martin to Dupleix 1674-1754
by J.B.P. More

The Madras Presidency: with Mysore, Coorg and the Associated States
by Edgar Thurston

Nirgun Bhakti Sagar: Devotional Hindi Literature: A Critical edition of the Panc Vani or Five Works of Dadu, Kabir, Namdev, Raidas, Hardas with the Hindi Songs of Gorakhnath and Sundardas, and a Complete Word-index (Set of 2 Volumes)
by Winand M. Callewaert, Bart Op de Beeck

The Khalsa: Sikh and Non-Sikh Perspectives
by J.S. Grewal (ed.)


Epic and Argument in Sanskrit Literary History
by Sheldon Pollock (Ed.)

On the Interpretation of Some Doubtful Words in the Atharvaveda and Other Essays
by Tarapada Chowdhury

Contesting Interpretations of the Sikh Tradition
by J.S. Grewal

The Sikhs and their Literature (A Guide to Tracts, Books and Periodicals, 1849-1919)
by N. Gerald Barrier


Indo-Portuguese Trade and the Fuggers of Germany: Sixteenth Century
by K.S. Mathew

The Transmission of the Sikh Heritage in the Diaspora
by Pashaura Singh, N. Gerald Barrier (eds)

Agrarian System of the Sikhs: Late Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Century
by Indu Banga

Agrarian System of the Sikhs: Late Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Century
by Indu Banga


Sikhs in Asia Pacific: Travels among the Sikh Diaspora from Yangon to Kobe
by Swarn Singh Kahlon

Religious Pluralism in Punjab: A Contemporary Account of Sikh Sants, Babas, Gurus and Satgurus
by Joginder Singh

Living with Epidemics in Colonial Bengal: 1818–1945
by Arabinda Samanta

The Nirankari Sikhs
by John C.B. Webster


The Sikh Minority and the Partition of the Punjab 1920-1947
by Chhanda Chatterjee

Sikh Diaspora in Japan
by Masako Azuma

Ardas of the Sikhs: A Distinctive Prayer
by Jaswant Singh Neki

Rise of China and India: Implications for the Asia Pacific
by Amitabh Mattoo and Mallika Joseph


Nationalism and Imperialism in South and Southeast Asia: Essays Presented to Damodar R. SarDesai
by Arnold P. Kaminsky & Roger D. Long

Urdu Literature: A Bibliography of English Language Sources
by Frances W Pritchett

Scorpion in The Hand: Brajbhasha Court Poetry From Central India Around 1800
by Imre Bangha

Descriptive List of Persian Correspondence (Volume V 1805)
by Mirza Mumtaz Baig


Violent Traders: Europeans in Asia in the Age of Mercantilism
by Dietmar Rothermund

Armenians in Asian Trade in The Early Modern Era
by Sushil Chaudhury and Keram Kevonian

Tagore and the Sikh Gurus: A Search for an Indiagenous Modernity
by Chhanda Chatterjee

The Namdhari Sikhs: Their Changing Social and Cultural Landscape
by Joginder Singh


Ardas of the Sikhs: A Distinctive Prayer
by Jaswant Singh Neki

Historical Writings on the Sikhs (1784-2011): Western Enterprise and Indian Response
by J.S. Grewal

Sikhs in Latin America: Travels Among the Sikh Diaspora
by Swarn Singh Kahlon

Recent Debates in Sikh Studies
by J. S. Grewal



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